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Brexit raises questions about pound’s elite status

Posted by seumasach on July 14, 2016


13th July, 2016

Britain’s vote to leave the European Union is raising questions about sterling’s place among the small, elite group of hard currencies underpinning the financial system.

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Sterling slide sparks euro debate in Britain – Feature

Posted by alfied on December 18, 2008

The Earth Times

London – As planeloads of tourists armed with empty suitcases roam London’s Oxford Street for cheap Christmas bargains, the Labour government of Gordon Brown is keeping a stiff upper lip on the British pound’s relentless slide towards parity with the euro. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mervyn King warns: I’ll quit over No 10’s mortgage scheme

Posted by seumasach on September 15, 2008


Whilst Gordon has now got the idea and is intent on shovelling every last penny the way of the bankers, a problem has arisen: such a policy would sink the £ and the City’s financial primacy with it. The empire is in a quandary.

Bank of England governor threatens to resign if Brown forces through state-backed mortgages

By James Cusick, Westminster Editor

Sunday Herald

THE GOVERNOR of the Bank of England, Mervyn King, has privately warned Downing Street that he will resign if Gordon Brown directs the bank to become the key agency in a state-backed mortgage guarantee system.

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