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Canada obliged to reveal info on abuse of aboriginal school kids

Posted by seumasach on July 25, 2013


24th July, 2013

A superior court of general jurisdiction in Canada has ordered the government to release millions of documents on its residential school system, which will reveal secrets of abuse and torture of aboriginal children at government-funded schools, Press TV reports.

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A Day, and a Decade, Later: What has Changed for Us?

Posted by seumasach on July 26, 2008

Kevin D. Annett

Hidden from History

12th June, 2008

I awoke this morning to the same familiar sounds of east Hastings street, as birdsong was smothered by traffic’s din – a day after a government “apology”, and a decade after a Tribunal that started everything.

Faces have come and gone in one day, and in thirty six hundred, but the same cold reality stared back at me today in the hard eyes of angry desperation of the men and women, mostly aboriginal, who share these streets, and who never rest.

Steven Harper said “I’m sorry” to these people yesterday, but he didn’t look sorry as he lectured the gala throngs on Parliament Hill about the Indian residential schools. He didn’t look outraged, either, as he spoke about children being ripped forever from their homes and way of life. Nor, for that matter, did any other politician who spoke to the carefully arranged crowd of natives and whites.

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