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Fallon tells Trump: Freedom cannot be traded in Ukraine

Posted by seumasach on January 22, 2017

The divergence between the UK government and the new US president couldn’t be more stark. But Britain will stand alone with it’s policy of confrontation with Russia.


20th January, 2017

Britain will stand alongside Ukraine in its confrontation with Russia because freedom cannot be “traded”, the Defence Secretary has said, amid fears Donald Trump may scale back support to Kiev in a deal with Moscow.

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May takes Britain on journey to nowhere

Posted by seumasach on January 18, 2017

Cailean Bochanan

18th January, 2017

The most striking feature of May’s latest attempt to clarify Brexit is that “global” Britain will remain focused on Europe. We our leaving Europe only in order to reengage with Europe, except this time without free movement: Europe without Europeans.

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Brexit and the flash crash mystery

Posted by seumasach on October 9, 2016

Cailean Bochanan

9th October, 2016

Friday’s flash crash may remain a mystery but it should be no mystery that the pound is in freefall and that it could become the focus of hostile trading.

This is not just about Brexit itself but what is behind Brexit. If we want to destroy our own economy by leaving the single market that it is our business. But if we want to use Brexit to turn the UK into a base for hostile operations against our creditors and closest trading partners that is their business.

Incredibly, that is exactly what has happened. We have appointed negotiators who delight in the prospect of the implosion of the EU. Boris Johnson has endorsed Change Britain whose neo-conservative leadership sees the end of the EU as inevitable and desirable. His clowning has taken him as far as putting a good word in for Erdogan regarding EU membership for Turkey. This is our foreign secretary. Liam Fox’s ultra-atlanticist views and his visceral animosity to the EU are well known. Defense secretary Fallon has seen fit to launch the amazing provocation of vetoing EU security arrangements.Much is being made of supposed European hostility towards us but with this crowd it looks more the other way round.

The May government wasted no time at all in reversing our growing ties with China. Obviously we weren’t going to be entering into a strategic partnership with a”security threat”. Wrecking out rapport with our biggest creditor and supplier was simply destructive. You either enter negotiations with your creditors or you wait for the bailiffs to come in. Jumping on the “isolate China” bandwagon only made sense if you were thinking in terms of “taking them out”. The dramatic developments in the USA where the Pentagon has effectively marginalized the White House on foreign policy were our cue to enter into just such a hostile posture towards both Russia and China. So at the first key test of our supposed new-found sovereignty and independence we chose to align ourselves with the Pentagon.

So “Global Britain” now has a hostile stance towards most of the Eurasian land mass. Meaningful negotiations with the EU, Russia or China are precluded. At the same time the dreadful reality of our economic plight cannot be hidden by the massaging of statistics. You only have to walk down any high street to see that Britain’s consumer economy model is dead. We are not a great trading nation. Out deficits and debts only get worse. If we were a business we would have closed down years ago. We are a bankrupt country that has chosen to go down hitting out wildly just so that the military industrial complex can keep itself afloat. We cannot of course afford Trident but will press on with it regardless. Everyone else will have to pay the price. It is an astonishing fact that the opposition of virtually the entire legally operating business community is as vehemently opposed to this whole unfolding scenario as it is marginalized by it. It seems we are to be taught a lesson in where the real power in this country lies.

A few months after the Brexit referendum we have made clear our indifference to our economic future and instead are intent on bringing the world to the brink of WW3. And then we wonder about the “mysterious” sinking of the pound.

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While the media whines on about Labour, the Conservative government descends into chaos

Posted by seumasach on September 26, 2016

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Britain will veto EU army

Posted by seumasach on September 19, 2016

This is simply astonishing. No government seriously engaged in talks aimed at an amicable parting of ways with the EU would have its top level spokesmen engage in provocations of this kind. Neo-conservative elements continue to push for the destabilisation of the EU rather than separation from it. This does not bode well for Brexit talks if they are ever to happen.


17th September, 2016

The UK would exercise its power of veto to block the creation of an EU army while it remains a member of the European Union, according to Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon.

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Boris Johnson backs Brexit pressure campaign Change Britain

Posted by seumasach on September 13, 2016

So Boris Johnson, who is the Foreign Secretary, rather than speaking for the government is speaking for those elements who were sidelined by Theresa May subsequent to her taking office. What makes it more incredible is that May had every reason to sideline the likes of Michael Gove who openly calls for the dismantling of the EU:

“For Europe, Britain voting to leave will be the beginning of something potentially even more exciting — the democratic liberation of a whole continent”.

The same goes for Gisella Stuart, who leads Change Britain, whose perspectives for the EU were outlined recently:

And the UK would have been forced to change its relationship with the EU eventually – because the Eurozone will one day collapse, she predicted.

“We either do that in a planned way now or if we’d stayed in the EU and waited for the inevitable, I think, collapse of part of the Eurozone or that structure, [we] would have had to do it under conditions of panic.

Both Gove and Stuart, leaders of the “Leave” campaign, are signatories to the Henry Jackson Society, a neoconservative group.

According to the blog Greater Surbiton:

“The HJS’s Associate Director, Douglas Murray, appointed in April 2011, is on record as having stated that ‘the EU is a monstrosity – no good can come of it… The best thing could just simply be for it to be razed to the ground and don’t start again [sic]‘).”

Johnson’s endorsement of Change Britain is a simply unbelievable development even although he is not meant to play a role as a negotiator in the event of article 50 being triggered. He is after all the Foreign Secretary.

The HJS held a discussion in July after the referendum on the theme: ‘The Aftermath of Brexit: “Could the EU and UK both die?”. Very reassuring.


11th September, 2016

Boris Johnson has endorsed a new cross-party campaign created by prominent pro-Brexit politicians aimed at pressuring Theresa May into fully delivering on the promise that Britain will leave the EU.

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The Brexit Carnival

Posted by seumasach on September 5, 2016

Huffington Post

5th September, 2016

For some time now people have been portraying the EU referendum as a model of democracy. In his resignation speech, for example, David Cameron said that “the country has taken part in a giant democratic exercise, perhaps the biggest in our history”, a view that was echoed by Andrew Marr, who described the referendum as “this country’s single biggest democratic act in modern times”.

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Britain cannot easily dismiss Japanese Brexit warning letter

Posted by seumasach on September 4, 2016

At first clash with reality the Brexit agenda will simply disintegrate- this is just the beginning. Britain is not a “great trading nation” but a great debtor nation. Any path which leads us into conflict with our major creditors, investors and suppliers is simply madness.


4th September, 2016

The Japanese government letter setting out its Brexit demands is deeply troubling to the UK since it is clear Japanese companies want Theresa May to negotiate a deal that leaves Britain not just in the EU customs union, and single market, but also retains a free flow of workers between the EU and the UK.

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Japan issues Brexit warning

Posted by seumasach on September 4, 2016


4th September, 2016

European economies will be thrown into “great turmoil” if the UK and EU cannot agree on a deal for Brexit that includes an element of free movement of labour, the Japanese government has warned.

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Never mind Labour, it’s the Conservative Party that’s about to implode

Posted by seumasach on August 29, 2016


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