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Boris Johnson backs Brexit pressure campaign Change Britain

Posted by seumasach on September 13, 2016

So Boris Johnson, who is the Foreign Secretary, rather than speaking for the government is speaking for those elements who were sidelined by Theresa May subsequent to her taking office. What makes it more incredible is that May had every reason to sideline the likes of Michael Gove who openly calls for the dismantling of the EU:

“For Europe, Britain voting to leave will be the beginning of something potentially even more exciting — the democratic liberation of a whole continent”.

The same goes for Gisella Stuart, who leads Change Britain, whose perspectives for the EU were outlined recently:

And the UK would have been forced to change its relationship with the EU eventually – because the Eurozone will one day collapse, she predicted.

“We either do that in a planned way now or if we’d stayed in the EU and waited for the inevitable, I think, collapse of part of the Eurozone or that structure, [we] would have had to do it under conditions of panic.

Both Gove and Stuart, leaders of the “Leave” campaign, are signatories to the Henry Jackson Society, a neoconservative group.

According to the blog Greater Surbiton:

“The HJS’s Associate Director, Douglas Murray, appointed in April 2011, is on record as having stated that ‘the EU is a monstrosity – no good can come of it… The best thing could just simply be for it to be razed to the ground and don’t start again [sic]‘).”

Johnson’s endorsement of Change Britain is a simply unbelievable development even although he is not meant to play a role as a negotiator in the event of article 50 being triggered. He is after all the Foreign Secretary.

The HJS held a discussion in July after the referendum on the theme: ‘The Aftermath of Brexit: “Could the EU and UK both die?”. Very reassuring.


11th September, 2016

Boris Johnson has endorsed a new cross-party campaign created by prominent pro-Brexit politicians aimed at pressuring Theresa May into fully delivering on the promise that Britain will leave the EU.

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