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Color Revolutions: Bulgaria vs Ukraine: Don’t blink

Posted by seumasach on July 22, 2009

Eric Wallberg

Global Research

21st July, 2009

Obama’s geopolitical demarche in Russia’s backyard is moving ahead nicely…  First there was the election in Bulgaria 5 July which brought a new party to power — Boyko Borisov’s Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria. Borisov, or Batman, as he is affectionately called, was a Communist-era policeman who subsequently established a prosperous private security business and has been the mayor of Sofia since 2005. He campaigned on the usual — to fight corruption and secure a better economic future. The Batman bragged in an interview with Der Spiegel of receiving “letters of accolade” from the CIA and FBI, presumably for his battle with the dark forces. One of the first things he did as PM, however, was to suspend the existing energy contracts with Moscow, both the South Stream and a nuclear power plant project.

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