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Shocking figures on child learning difficulties

Posted by seumasach on May 9, 2013

“The figures that have been uncovered reveal an unprecedented calamity in child health,

“We have more children with mild to severe neurological problems than ever in our history, and it may be a significant factor that no plausible explanation is being offered by those responsible for public health matters’.

Fourfold rise in pupils who need extra support


6th May, 2013

THE number of children in Scottish schools who need extra help in the classroom due to conditions such as autism, ADHD and learning difficulties has shown a dramatic fourfold increase in the past ten years, figures reveal.

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Distortion, Denial And Destruction- New Labour Legacy For Children With Disabilities And Their Families

Posted by seumasach on March 29, 2009



Lisa Blakemore-Brown 



 The One Click Group

11th March, 2009

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I welcomed the opportunity to represent the Autism Rights group at this 

important event.  Much of what I had to tell those who attended the Children’s 

Session, Chaired by Sabina Frediani of Liberty was probably new to them. In 

effect, my short talk was my own witness statement to violations of Human 

Rights and Civil Liberties in relation to  families, especially families with children 

who are autistic or suffer from other disabilities; and unremitting retaliation by 

the Government to prevent such violations being proven. The end result being 

ongoing damage to families and their disabled children which one could never 

imagine would happen in our so called advanced age.   

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