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What’s driving Australia’s China policy U-turn

Posted by seumasach on December 7, 2020

Johnson’s grandiose plans for a D-10 alliance against China are already running into trouble. Germany is not banning Huawei, Japan’s position is ambivalent and Australia seem hesitant to self-destruct for the dubious privilege of a war with their closest trading partner, China. What is more France is following it’s own interests in the Brexit negotiations rather than the EU or Atlanticist position. Multipolarity is showing itself as a reality as nations pursue strategic autonomy rather than imperial dictates

Ken Moak

7th December, 2020

Asia Times

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has toned down his tantrum over Chinese diplomat Zhao Lijian’s posting of a piece of art depicting soldiers about to slit an Afghan child’s throat. China not only refused to delete the picture, it demanded that Australia investigate and apologize for its soldiers’ alleged atrocities in Afghanistan. But unexpectedly, Morrison was reported by the South China Morning Post on December 3 as saying he wanted a “happy co-existence” with China.

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Australia is implementing its own “foreign agents” legislation modelled off of the US’.

Posted by seumasach on December 20, 2017

“Per the first pair, any diminishment of China’s powerful economic influence in Australia – particularly in terms of commodity purchases, investments, real estate deals, and wealthy foreign students – could theoretically be replaced by the US or its allies, though not on the same qualitative level and not without self-inflicted damage to the island nation.”

This is an understatement: Australia is geared to exporting raw materials to the world’s foremost productive economy. The USA cannot replicate China’s role in this respect and, as for US allies, well, who are they? Merely assuming, as the latest national security doctrine does that India and Japan are US allies doesn’t mean that they are US allies. After all, is the UK, the country Trump refuses to visit, a US ally? Clearly, the Australian “security state” is biting back but can it trump Australia’s fundamental interests? Australia’s own little Brexit will likely be as ephemeral as Brexit itself.

Andrew Korybko

Oriental Review

Australia is implementing its own “foreign agents” legislation modelled off of the US’.

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China’s fallout with Australia

Posted by seumasach on December 17, 2017

“This also points to a gap in global governance since there are no international rules of investment, unlike the rules for trade of merchandise under the WTO. Those trade rules were largely led by the US. Could China be forging a new de facto global investment system through the belt and road plan? If a China-EU investment treaty is agreed, that would be another building block in such a system.”


16th December, 2017

As Beijing’s influence in the global economy grows and Washington’s clout recedes under its “America First” policy, political fallouts similar to that between China and Australia are to be expected.

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‘Australia woos U.S., Canada after rejecting Chinese bids for Ausgrid’

Posted by seumasach on September 14, 2016

“While China is Australia’s biggest trading partner and a major investor, Canberra cooperates closely on intelligence matters with Canada and the United States.”

As with Brexit the message is clear: never mind trade and investment, lets cement security ties with the Americans. Australia can now take it’s place in Oceania, an extreme right-wing neo-feudal remake of Orwell’s dystopia alongside kindred spirits such as Brazil’s Michel Temer and our own Theresa May. The end of globalisation is the talk of the town now that it is being led by China.

Asia Times

14th September, 2016

SYDNEY (Reuters) – North American bidders will not need an Australian partner to bid for Australian electricity distributor Ausgrid, an advisor on the potentially A$10 billion ($7.46 billion) deal said, after the government rejected sole offers from Chinese interests.

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Australia must choose between US and China

Posted by seumasach on September 1, 2016

Asia Times


SYDNEY (Reuters) – A senior U.S. soldier said on Thursday Australia must choose between a stronger U.S. alliance or closer ties with China, and urged Canberra to take a tougher stance against Chinese claims in the South China Sea.

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China warns ‘protectionist’ Australia on investment

Posted by seumasach on August 17, 2016

Asia Times

SYDNEY/BEIJING (Reuters) – Australia’s decision to block the A$10 billion ($7.7 billion) sale of the country’s biggest energy grid to Chinese bidders was a protectionist move that would negatively affect investment in the country, China’s Ministry of Commerce said on Wednesday.

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Australia: Labor Party attacks government over Chinese port contract

Posted by seumasach on August 4, 2016


23rd November, 2015

The opposition Labor Party has stepped forward as the most vociferous critic of the conservative Coalition government’s failure to consult with the Obama administration before a 99-year lease over Darwin’s commercial port was granted to the Chinese-owned Landbridge Group.

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Three-quarters of Australians back naval challenge to China in South China Seas

Posted by seumasach on August 2, 2016

It was once faith versus reason but now it’s identity versus reason and identity is winning hands down. Never mind that their relationship with China is a core economic interest for Australians, thev are prepared to jeopardise it on the basis of a pro-western, anglo-saxon identity.

Sydney Morning Herald

21st June, 2016

Three-quarters of Australians believe the country’s Navy should follow the United States in challenging Beijing’s expanding military activity in the disputed waters of the South China Sea by carrying out so called “freedom-of-navigation” operations, a poll has found.

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China says Australia ‘is no paper tiger, only a paper cat at best’

Posted by seumasach on August 1, 2016

The Australian

1st August, 2016

If Australia — “a unique country with an inglorious history — steps into the South China Sea waters”, the newspaper Global Times ­­edit­orial­ised at the weekend, “it will be an ideal target for China to warn and strike … Australia’s power means nothing compared to the security of China.”

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China warns Australia not to join US patrols in South China Sea

Posted by seumasach on July 31, 2016

Will Australia join Britain in being drawn out of the Chinese sphere of influence under US pressure? That would be extremely damaging for Australia but then so it is for Britain. Turnbull, remember, is a sinophile ,Australia has a free trade agreement with China and its economy is deeply enmeshed with that of China: so, at first sight it is surprising that Australia has become involved in provocations against China. Is it just coincidental that Australia’s racial identity is coming into play again. Is Australia having something of an anglo-saxon revival along with Britain and the USA?



19th July, 2016

A senior Chinese official has warned Australia not to join in any US sea patrols aimed at challenging China’s sovereignty in the South China Sea

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