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Long Live African Unity!

Posted by seumasach on December 7, 2013

Those who are Irritated by our Friendship with Brother Leader Gaddafi can Jump in a Pool

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Le feu est dans la maison africaine… Une explosion en préparation au coeur de l’Afrique sahélienne

Posted by seumasach on April 14, 2012

Jean Paul Baquiast


12th April, 2012

Au sens strict, le Sahel désigne une immense bande de territoires marquant la transition, à la fois floristique et climatique, entre le Sahara désertique au nord et les savanes où les pluies sont fréquentes, au sud. D’est en ouest, il s’étend de l’Atlantique à la mer Rouge. Dans le langage géopolitique devenu courant, le concept de Sahel intéresse directement la Mauritanie, le Mali, le Niger, le Tchad, le Soudan, le Sénégal, la Mauritanie. Il concerne aussi toute une série de pays limitrophes qui participent à l’unité géographique et culturelle de la zone: le sud de l’Algérie, le sud de la Libye, le sud du Maroc, le nord du Sénégal, le nord du Burkina Faso, le nord du Nigéria, l’Ethiopie et l’Érythrée.

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Resistance in Libya: Imperialism will be buried in Africa

Posted by seumasach on September 23, 2011

Gerald A.Perreira
21st September, 2011
The North Atlantic tribes, under the banner of NATO, and their Arab flunkies are lining up for a showdown in Sirte. Muammar Qaddafi and the Al Fateh revolutionary forces remain defiant and have issued statements saying that they will never surrender. Their extraordinary resistance has most certainly earned them a place in the history of modern warfare. Nowhere in modern history have an army of 100,000 and a population of 6.5 million been able to resist such an overwhelming and murderous invasion for so long.

As I write, NATO’s forces have surrounded the small desert town of Bani Walid. Talks between the rebels and residents of the town have broken down and the people of Al-Fateh have decided to stand and fight against all odds.

U.N. Resolution 1973, which authorized a “no fly zone” that was without regard for international law, which is not difficult since there is no international law, immediately turned into a regime change operation. Under the pretext of protecting civilians, NATO has murdered thousands of Libyans and other African civilians and now, as I write, they have surrounded the people of the small desert town of Bani Walid to commit more murder.

This war, under the banner of the U.N., has once and for all exposed this organization’s fraudulent and criminal nature. On the one hand they have declared 2011 as the “International Year of People of African Descent.” It is more aptly designated as the “International Year for the Destruction of Africa.”

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African Union wants to find African solution for Libya crisis

Posted by seumasach on May 26, 2011

26th May, 2011

The African Union (AU) still wants to find a political solution to the ongoing crisis in Libya, despite intensified NATO airstrikes against the regime of Libyan ruler Moamer Gaddafi, heads of state said Wednesday.

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Confiscating Libya’s sovereign wealth funds

Posted by seumasach on April 25, 2011

Manlio Dinucci

Global Research

24th April, 2011

The objective of the war against Libya is not just its oil reserves (now estimated at 60 billion barrels), which are the greatest in Africa and whose extraction costs are among the lowest in the world, nor the natural gas reserves of which are estimated at about 1,500 billion cubic meters. In the crosshairs of “willing” of the operation “Unified Protector” there are sovereign wealth funds, capital that the Libyan state has invested abroad.

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Kenya defends failure to arrest Sudan’s president Omar al-Bashir in Nairobi

Posted by seumasach on August 31, 2010


29th August, 2010

The Kenyan government defended its failure to arrest Sudan’s president while he was in Nairobi on Friday, citing strategic interest in the neighbouring country.

Richard Onyonka, an assistant foreign minister, said today that arrestingOmar al-Bashir may have risked adversely affected peace in Sudan.

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Africa summit debates Gaddafi’s unity plan

Posted by seumasach on February 1, 2009


1st February, 2009


African leaders set aside the first day of an annual summit on Sunday to discuss Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s long-standing pet project to establish a United States of Africa.Skip related content

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