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Letter to RCMP- investigate Health Canada

Posted by seumasach on April 29, 2011

Dear Sir,

I am asking the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to conduct a thorough criminal investigation of persons employed by or elected to the Government of Canada to enact and oversee the safety regulations for the use of wireless electro magnetic radiation.  These persons would include Ministers past and present and employees within the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Industry who are responsible for regulating and ensuring the safety of wireless microwave radiation.  I have strong evidence, based on personal experiences, the experiences of many other victims, and on the large amount of scientific evidence that I have read, that they have been negligent in these duties, and have placed the health and safety of Canadians in great peril.  I expect this investigation to uncover all the persons responsible for causing such danger.

The suspects in this case have ignored thousands of scientific research documents that show that electro magnetic radiation (EMR) is extremely dangerous and that it is gradually, but continuously, harming Canadians and the environment.  They have set standards and allow exposure to wireless radiation that, over a long period, is likely to cause much cancer, neurological disorders, heart problems, and many other illnesses that may ultimately cause many to die prematurely.  Health Canada and Industry Canada are not only failing to warn Canadians about the dangers, but often they are providing false information that is giving citizens a false sense of security and safety.  Based on widely available scientific evidence, their actions appear to be grossly irresponsible.  Health Canada has set standards that are injurious to the health of Canadians, and Industry Canada, which must be aware of the large number of scientific studies showing significant biological effects caused by low levels of wireless micro-wave radiation, has acted with complicity.

There is strong reason to believe that this investigation will prove to be one of the most important police investigations in Canadian history.  It involves the endangerment of health and the safety of all Canadians and also can affect the future health, wealth, and viability of our entire country.  The harm that is already occurring may take many years to become fully apparent.  The adverse health effects are likely to accumulate each year in proportion to the total amount of wireless radiation exposure, causing a variety of serious illnesses.  Wireless and microwave radiation is likely to cause a large loss of life, massive amounts of illness, and possibly the breakdown of the Canadian medical system.

To illustrate the dangers that Canadians face from microwave radiation (as used in many common household wireless devices), I refer you to this information provided by the late Dr. Neil Cherry, a pioneer electromagnetic scientist and environmentalist, during his presentation to the Australian Senate Inquiry into Electro Magnetic Radiation, 8 Sept, 2000:

This issue has been so politicized.  There are two major casualties, the truth and public health.

We have natural EMR-based communication systems in our brains, hearts, cells and bodies.  External natural and artificial EMR resonantly interacts with these communication systems altering hormone balances and damaging organs and cells.  The brain and the heart are especially sensitive because they mediate and regulate primary biological functions that are vital to life, thinking and heart beat, using EMR signals, the EEG and ECG.  When EMR interferes with the EEG this is communicated to the body by neurotransmitters and neurohormones, including the serotonin/melatonin system.  EMR reduces melatonin. Melatonin is vital for the health of the Immune System, the Brain, the Heart and every cell, because it is the most potent naturally produced antioxidant.  It is a potent free radical scavenger that plays a vital protective role to protect the DNA in every cell.  Reduced melatonin causes cancer, miscarriage, heart disease, neurological diseases, viral and bacterial diseases, etc…

Both through reducing melatonin and through enhancing free radical activity EMR is genotoxic, damaging the DNA and chromosomes, enhancing oncogene expression and transforming cells to neoplastic cells and causing cancer in exposed populations.  Intense chromosome damage of fetuses in the uterus by microwaves, causes prompt miscarriage.  Less intense chromosome damage, largely but not totally repaired by the body’s cell repair system, such as is caused by radio waves, causes fetal damage, congenital malformation, still birth, cot death, etc..

Neurological effects, such as headache, sleep disturbance, concentration disturbance, short-term memory loss, dizziness and nausea, are acute effects that can be experienced over minutes, hours, days and months.  However, cell damage in the brain causes significantly accelerated cell death.  Over years this means long-term memory loss, and neurological diseases such as Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, and sudden death from violent epileptic seizures.

The heart is similar with short-term problems with cardiac arrhythmia, missed heart beats, etc, sudden death from Heart Attacks and chronic illness and death from heart disease, especially arrhythmic diseases.

Cancer is a chronic disease problem from accumulated genetic cell damage.  Latencies for children and soft tissue cancers are as short as a few years, for most cancers they take 10 to 40 years to develop.  Cancer rates rise rapidly with age over 65 years because of the life-time of accumulated cell damage and the drastic reduction in melatonin that occurs after puberty.

For much greater and detailed scientific evidence of the harm of electro magnetic radiation, I refer you to the Bio-Initiative report, which can be accessed at:  HYPERLINK  About two thousand scientific research documents have been reference by several scientists within the report.  I have enclosed a copy of the Public Summary of the Bio Initiative Report for your review.  Further important scientific information can be located at the internet site of Dr. Magda Havas, who is the leading Canadian researcher in the field of health effects caused by electro magnetic radiation, at  HYPERLINK “” .

Strong scientific evidence about the dangers of EMR was presented by scientists and environmentalists at the Canadian House of Commons hearing last year.  Please see:  HYPERLINK “” .  By looking at the evidence presented and then by examining the response from Health Canada, investigators will be able to see the cover up that Health Canada and others have engineered.

The dangers and adverse health effects of microwave radiation are not new and have been well researched.  Adverse health effects have been known since the Second World War when radar, emitting and utilizing microwave radiation, was first used.  I have enclosed a document warning about the dangers of microwave radiation from April of 1973, when researchers at Kingston University sent the report entitled Environmental Pollution by Microwave Radiation – A Potential Threat to Human Health to the Canadian Government.

I have also attached a document, Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation 1984, about a book published by the IEEE.  Another important report that I have linked here:  HYPERLINK “”  came from the US Naval Medical Research Institute.  It was compiled by Lt. Zorach Glazer, who collected over two thousand references to radio frequency and microwave radiation.  These various research papers and reports refer to thousands of scientific studies that illustrate biological effects caused by electro magnetic radiation.  These are just some of the research documents that are being ignored by Health Canada, placing the population of Canada in great danger.

The Safety Code 6 standards that Health Canada has adopted are dangerous to health because the standards are based on simple, theoretical, heating effects.  The regulations completely ignore the biological effects that are being caused to blood, DNA, cell structure, skin, the neurological system, the heart, and the brain.  These combined biological effects are likely to significantly damage the health of Canadians by causing long term biological harm to the population.  There are a number of diseases that have occurred as wireless and micro-wave use has intensified.  These diseases include Chronic Fatigue, Fybromyalgea, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, and Electro Hyper-Sensitivity.  Other illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and Breast Cancer affect far more people and have become far more common and significant threats since people have become widely and strongly exposed to wireless radiation.

Of particular concern to scientists is the possibility that wireless radiation is damaging the reproductive systems of our population.  This effect has already been scientifically documented in males who carry their cell phones in pockets and on waist belts.  Studies have shown that sperm count has been badly affected by wireless radiation exposure.  What is even more worrisome is that the reproductive abilities of young women may be harmed, damaging the DNA and cell structure of eggs and reproductive organs within the body.  If DNA damage is caused to eggs carried by females, the damage may be passed from generation to generation, harming the human gene pool and endangering the future of our nation.  Scientist Barrie Trower explains the dangers in these recordings:


The biological effects that have been reported in many scientific papers have occurred at very low levels of exposure, often many hundreds of times less than the level that Health Canada states is safe.  Health Canada has ignored children who have complained about symptoms of microwave illness when they are exposed to microwave radiation at their schools.  They have ignored people living near cell phone antennas who have developed symptoms of microwave illness.  They have also ignored environmentalists and scientists who have provided them with scientific evidence demonstrating dangers of low level microwave radiation exposure.  Health Canada has chosen to ignore significant evidence from many creditable sources, showing a deliberate course of negligent and unlawful action.

The faulty and irresponsible safety standards that Health Canada promotes are putting children at an even greater risk than adults, because their bodies and brains are still developing.  Wi Fi is being widely installed in schools, subjecting children to many hours of a significant biological risk.  Health Canada has been informing School Boards that exposure to microwave radiation from Wi Fi systems in schools is safe.  This could not be further from the truth, as scientists have advised.  Children are also being highly exposed to this danger in their homes, because parents are told it is safe to use Wi Fi and other wireless devices.  Massive antenna systems are being installed indiscriminately and carelessly throughout our towns, cities, and around our countryside.  These systems cause further radiation exposure and harm to people and the environment, twenty four hours a day.  Several children around Stratford have developed lymphoma and leukemia, cancers that are greatly increased by exposure to EMR.

A recent example of how false information from Health Canada is endangering Canadians can be found in the letter addressed to Ms. Joan Thomson, City Clerk, City of Stratford, dated March 25, 2011 signed by Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of Health.  This letter was in response to my letter of February 10, 2011, which cited three scientific studies that indicate serious health problems incurred by children and persons exposed to electro magnetic radiation.  Her message states (in regards to safety code 6), “The levels in the guideline are well below the threshold for any potential harm and are designed to provide protection to all members of the population”.  This is erroneous information, as you will see from the scientific studies.  The guideline protects only from heating effects, as confirmed by the World Health Organization and ICNIRP, and it ignores any biological effects.  In the same letter to Ms. Thomson, the Minister talks about very low exposure levels from Wi-Fi and Smart Meters, but she fails to explain that these levels of microwave radiation are hundreds of thousands of times higher than the natural radiation levels with which humans evolved.

Minister Aglukkaq also mentions insufficiency of evidence of negative health effects.  Her statement is grossly untrue.  For years, the evidence has been available and, as recently as April and October 2010, several internationally acclaimed scientists presented evidence of harm occurring at levels of radiation that are mere fractions of the Safety Code 6.  The Parliamentary sub-committee for Health (HESA) heard that Safety Code 6 is antiquated and inadequate for protection against the radiation from wireless devices.  Nevertheless, Health Canada ignored this information and responded that the weight of evidence indicated that there is insufficient evidence to review or amend the guideline.

The weight of evidence approach mentioned by the Minister fails to tell Canadians that there is simply no evidence that states scientifically that microwave radiation is safe and does not cause any adverse health effects.  The evidence that Health Canada uses to balance against the body of evidence showing adverse effects is simply research that has failed to find an effect, good or bad, and does little more than quantify the vast body of research that is available.  By using a weight of evidence approach, Health Canada is simply ignoring masses of good scientific evidence that demonstrates adverse health effects and danger to the Canadian public.  Had this flawed methodology been applied to the work of brilliant individuals such as Galileo or Darwin, their work would have been lost because the greater balance of scientific theory would have weighed against them.  Meaningful evaluation examines the content, quality, and sources of scientific evidence.  For example, one needs to consider why independently funded studies frequently indicate significant biological effects while industry funded studies do not.  And, since wireless companies have funded the majority of research, the question arises whether the outcome has been skewed by using the weight of evidence approach.  In essence, Health Canada has risked the health of an entire nation based on a simple balancing of scientific research.  It is their duty to invoke and use the scientific Precautionary Principle to ensure safety where there is any doubt.

Imagine the RCMP in a situation involving the safety of many people, where one hundred experts say that everyone will die from the coming catastrophe unless avoidance is taken, and another hundred experts say that they found no such evidence, but they are unable to provide any assurance of safety, either.  How would you balance that?  The responsible action is to investigate the evidence, then, if warranted, take protective measures to ensure the safety of everyone and to tell citizens of the reasons for concern.  There are thousands of scientific studies showing biological effects caused by electro magnetic radiation.  Health Canada is not only failing to take protective action, but is actively undermining the warnings of others who have desperately tried to convey public warnings.  Their actions are deplorable and appear to be done with clear criminal intent to deceive the public.

The City of Stratford is going through a phase that can best be described as “micro-wave madness”.  Mayor Mathieson, City Councillors, and Festival Hydro were provided with a large quantity of strong scientific evidence to show that microwave radiation is dangerous.  Rather than examine the evidence themselves, they have chosen to accept, without questioning or thought, the letter provided by Health Canada.  The false message that Minister Aglukkaq provided in her letter pacified their concerns and made headlines in the local news.  At present the Mayor and Council are trying to win a prize for being one of the most “intelligent communities” in the world, which means that it will also be one of the most radiated.  Unfortunately, because of misinformation from the Ministry and municipal governments, Stratford citizens have been badly deceived and are still mostly unaware of the danger they face.

Health Canada, its researchers and its Minister have a duty to safeguard the Canadian population and they are failing in this duty.  They are providing Industry Canada with a safety shield that permits wireless transmitters to be placed near residences, schools, and hospitals, with no regard to municipal concerns of health or citizens’ vulnerabilities. Many studies have shown that children, pregnant women, and the infirm are more susceptible to the radiation being emitted.  When people become ill as a result of wireless radiation, Industry Canada and the telecommunication companies use Health Canada standards to suggest wireless exposure levels are safe, and to avoid their own culpability.  Health Canada is more like a protection service for the wireless industry than a government ministry responsible for public safety.

The Ministry of Health has been provided with information about the research of Dr. Magda Havas, of Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, which shows clearly that human hearts can be significantly affected by exposure to commonly used wireless devices such as cordless telephones and Wi Fi routers.  As a test subject of Dr. Havas, significant adverse effects on my heart were recorded when a cordless telephone was switched on and off in a blind test.  These effects were later demonstrated on Global Television, for the investigative program 16 x 9 and can be viewed at:  HYPERLINK “” .

In addition to these effects, RCMP investigators should note the false statement of safety made by a Health Canada spokesperson in the same video.

There is also another Health Canada false statement in this CBC video:  HYPERLINK “” .

The RCMP should be aware that the Government of Canada is making vast amounts of money by licensing the wireless spectrum, and they have a special interest in wireless technologies as a source of revenue.

Canada’s wireless radiation protective guideline is one of the worst in the world.  Why should Canada be exposed to higher levels of radiation than, as examples, China, Russia, or Switzerland?  There is strong evidence that persons within Health Canada are badly failing their duties of office, resulting in physical harm to the Canadian public.  I ask that the RCMP fully investigate these charges.

Here is the opportunity to conduct a major criminal investigation of great national importance.  At some point during your investigation, I would expect that you will understand that the public is at great risk from exposure to wireless radiation.  At that time, I ask that you consider providing a public warning of the dangers, just as you would if a forest fire or a flood were threatening a community.

In my twenty eight years service as a Toronto Police Officer, I never imagined that government incompetence or corruption on this scale could exist.  Over the last seven years, I became ill, developed cancer and could easily have died because of exposure to electro magnetic radiation.  I was also unable to live in my home for five years.  Because of this I have had an education in these invisible dangers that schools, universities, and police colleges do not teach.  I would gladly provide officers with further scientific evidence and arrange for leading scientists, researchers, doctors, environmentalists, and victims to assist with the investigation.

I hope that the RCMP is willing to learn about what is probably the greatest danger that Canadians face, and will complete a thorough criminal investigation without tolerating political interference.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Weatherall

5 Responses to “Letter to RCMP- investigate Health Canada”

  1. Gertrude Steiner said

    The Health Care Debate

    We’ve all watched various footballs being tossed back and forth, ad infinitum, regarding the escalating cost of “sickness-care” and “health-care”, and they are most intriguing.
    In these discussions, one of the biggest and most important issues is consistently omitted, namely the involvement of government and government agencies and their many departments, whose policies are at the root of actively generating illness and/or preventing health. The problems are not being solved, and will never be solved, because to do so would severely affect the “economy” of Corporations whose operations are highly toxic and health-destructive.
    There is a great deal of hot air and frustrating rhetoric about “preventive health” but the “actions of government” point in the diametrically opposite direction. Government seems to be engaged in an intensive program of “Health Prohibition”.

    It is interesting to observe the metamorphism in just one agency over the past 40 years. HPB started legitimately as the “Health Protection Branch” – but then corporate political/economic pressures morphed it into a “Health Prevention Branch”, and in recent years has been further morphed it into a “Health Prohibition Branch”. It was misnamed “Health Canada”, because in reality, it operates more as “Sickness-Protection and Health-Prohibition Canada”.

    First of all, let us take note of the reality the Government regards Big Pharma as its “primary client”, and not the health of Canadian citizens. Both have vested interests, but they are diametrically opposite – corporations try to maximize the “economic potential” of “sickness management”, whereas citizens have a vested interest in staying healthy and staying out of the “sickness merry-go-round”. Government seems to be incapable of serving these TWO Masters, so one is being serviced and the other controlled. The actions of Health Canada in recent years clearly indicate which fork in the road they have chosen. Clearly Big Pharma guards the gates and dictates health and health-care policies, a monumental conflict of interest since this “sickness industry” makes far more money on sick people than on healthy people. Health is the last thing that Big Pharma wants.

    One way to solve the exponential explosion in the “Sickness-Care” Budget is for Government to stop formulating policies that cause illness.
    Let’s look at just a few of these government policy “illness generators”:

    • Government refuses to regulate and/or remove toxic products from the marketplace, even though they are known to be metabolic disruptors and generators of chronic, life-long, debilitating, degenerative illness.

    • Aspartame is one on the top of the list, causing very serious debilitating neurological and metabolic illness; it’s followed by MSG, chemical food additives, pesticides, herbicides, etc. The list is long, but it shouldn’t be, if government were doing its job of “health protection”. All are government protected Toxics! – While people get sicker!

    • Government promotes and protects Genetically Engineered food crops – although it has now been unequivocally established that GMOs constitute a toxic food supply that is guaranteed to generate illness. That applies equally to man and animals. Allergies , diabetes, cancer, gastrointestinal problems, reproductive problems , sterility, lower sperm count, lower IQ, etc. follow in its tracks and have risen exponentially since the introduction of GMO corn, soy and canola in most processed foods. The Government makes sure that citizens can’t avoid these toxic foods by not allowing them to be identified with appropriate labeling. Citizens are not supposed to have “choice” according to Government and Monsanto.

    • Government – through Agriculture Canada, which does the bidding of Monsanto – promotes the expansion of genetically engineered crops that produce toxic foods containing a “perpetual insecticide factory in every cell”; under their watchful eye, agricultural soils are laced, annually, with herbicides, especially Round-up, now known to cause cancer, birth defects, reproductive problems, liver, metabolic degeneration, and more. Genetic Engineering of the biosphere threatens all plant and animal life, totally destroys biodiversity, and is an extremely destructive force threatening the very survival of Nature and Life. The environment and the entire ecology is being targeted in one of the most irresponsible – and irreversible – mass experiments ever undertaken.

    • Government promotes Food Irradiation even though independent scientific research proved forty years ago that the end product is not only nutritionally inferior, but is metabolically disruptive, causes genetic damage, and is both carcinogenic and teratogenic.

    • Government promotes the poisoning of municipal water systems with industrial waste Fluoride – when it has been know for a century that Fluoride is very toxic, disrupts metabolism, causes cancer and destroys health.

    • Government mandates an absolutely insane vaccine schedule for infants (Birth to 2 years, when neither the neurological nor the immune systems are mature and fully developed)) that leaves in its wake a huge swath of neurologically, immunologically and metabolically damaged children – many ruined for life.

    • Government permits ground water and aquifers to be poisoned – permanently – with extremely toxic chemicals now used in “fracking” (hydraulic fracturing) for natural gas extraction. Lakes and rivers are permitted to be poisoned whenever that is deemed “economically essential” for the “corporate economy”.

    • Government promotes wireless technology, cell phones, cell towers, etc. knowing full well that the frequencies that are being used are very cell-disruptive and pose a major threat to health.

    • Government permits the skies to be laced with toxic chemicals (Chemtrails) which cause serious respiratory problems – resulting in huge “sickness-care” expenditures. (The USA military has a one Billion dollar budget for this “secret” military operation – and Canada is fully integrated. Chemtrails are connected with HAARP and weather modification/manipulation as a warfare weapon.) For ten years, this massive covert experiment has constituted an attack on the health of the civilian population, the environment and the ecology. Simply denying its existence doesn’t negate the fact that we can all see the trails criss-crossing the sky, day after day.

    To crown this insanity, Government – as one of the biggest generators of “health problems” by refusing to remove, and often protecting, health-destructive toxins – has, with profound arrogance and ignorance, decided that it is best qualified to determine and dictate the practice of medicine, deciding which therapeutics are to be permitted and which are to be eliminated and outlawed, thereby posing a distinct threat to health through what it mandates and by what it renders ‘unavailable’. The drugs of Big Pharma, which are the cornerstone of the allopathic medical paradigm, are the third largest cause of death in North America. At the same time, all of the therapeutics that are extremely effective and economical, proven to be so over decades, if not centuries, have been routinely attacked and restricted as soon as they pose a substantial threat to the profit potential and security of the “established medical paradigm” with Big Pharma at the center.

    For three decades Government has been pursuing an intensive policy of restricting, and when at all possible, eliminating the products that are therapeutic, wholesome, healthy, effective, and cost-effective – precisely those nutritional products that people have been using for centuries to keep themselves healthy and out of the clutches of the Big Pharma’s “sickness industry”. (Apparently the ability of citizens to be independent, self-sufficient and medically autonomous is deemed to be “intolerable” from the perspective of the economy of Big Pharma”) Thus the healthiest foods, herbs and nutrients have been reclassified as “drugs” and are now being systematically regulated out of the open marketplace. At the same time, the most effective and economical natural therapeutic technologies that pose a major competitive threat to the Medical Establishment and Big Pharma’s medical monopoly are not only subjected to regulatory straight-jacketing, but non-compliance is militaristically policed by Swat Teams, guns drawn.

    As long as Government remains a major cause of this exploding epidemic of illness and disease and at the same time obliterates the accessibility of inexpensive, effective, health-supportive, nutritional products that enable people to take responsibility for their own health maintenance, the problems will only escalate. Furthermore, as long as Government outlaws known and proven natural therapeutics, remediation and cures, and legalistically and physically attacks well-qualified “alternate” practitioners (many of them innovative geniuses), there is absolutely no possibility that the health care budget will do anything but continue to explode exponentially.

    To sum up the problem of the exploding and unsustainable “sickness-care” budget, and to offer some solutions:

    • Government must stop causing illness with counter-productive and even poisonous “treatments”.

    • People must not be prevented or prohibited from taking responsibility for their own health by insane government regulations that restrict or outlaw the essential foods, herbs and nutritional products and therapeutics that are both effective and safe. Nor should any of these be placed under the umbrella or jurisdiction of Big Pharma, that has been determined to eradicate this huge competitive threat to its profit base for over a century. Government has absolutely no business regulating products or therapeutics simply because they are beneficial, when these are inherently safe. Their regulatory powers must be limited to removing that which is proven to be harmful and/or toxic. Thus it is the drugs and industrial synthetic chemicals, and not the nutrients, that need to be more stringently regulated.
    • Government must get out of the “practice of medicine”, especially “mandated” medicinal policy – like vaccines”. The state must never be permitted to “own” and practice jurisdiction over a person’s body.

    • We must stop supporting “negative, health-destructive monopoly industries” that prosper from maintaining, or even increasing and generating problems. Government has shown many times that it is prepared to sacrifice health and environment to the Curse of the Midas Touch when supporting the corporate economy. The cost is staggering and: devastating on every level. (In 1975 I wrote an editorial that dealt with these issues, titled “The Economic Noose” of illness generation via nutritional neglect.)

    • We must permit real science to see the light of day and to be openly debated. We must stop using the courts to outlaw science that presents the unwanted truths. That is not where science should be adjudicated. Those policy-makers who have financial ties to the offending corporations have a very prejudicial perspective toward science, the inevitable result, more often than not, being prostituted science..

    • We must stop spin-doctoring pseudo-science, and feeding it to the public in an endless stream of scientifically inaccurate disinformation through the corporate-owned mainstream media. In recent years much of what we believe to be “science” has become whatever corporate needs and wants dictate and determine it to be. It has become “Alice in Wonderland” science, where the Queen simply declared, “It is because I say it is!” It is “Science by Declaration”, a perverted science that the “corporate experts” proclaim and decree; a “politically-correct” science that has lost its authenticity.

    • The entities that are causing the problems must never be put in charge of solving the problems: the conflicts of interest and the influence of vested financial stakeholders are too obvious and prevalent, leading to unprecedented corruption.

    It is the mandate of Government to remove poisons and toxics from the marketplace – but unfortunately, that is what it has consistently refused to do. There is always the protection of some “corporate economy” that takes precedence over the essentials for survival and the health of citizens. As Mr. Harper once explained, ‘When the Economy is threatened, the environment and the ecology simply have to take a back seat” (paraphrased).
    No other animal fouls its own nest and expects to survive. Indeed, “Man is the only species that engineers and finances its own destruction, and does so in the name of Economic Necessity.”
    Is that the product of super-intelligence, or too much Fluoride addling the brain?”

    It is not the mandate of a democratic government to practice medicine, nor to determine the medical paradigm and which therapeutics are permissible, nor to dictate and regulate people’s lives, putting them into a functional strait jacket with visits from Swat Teams for non-compliance – and then punish people for failing to take responsibility for themselves and their health.

    Let’s cut out the hypocrisy and operate with just an ounce of Integrity, which is now almost totally absent in the area of “health care”, and will remain absent as long as the Government and Big Pharma remain Siamese-Twins that regard “health and people” as commodities to be milked, fleeced and exploited for the economy of monopolistic mega-corporations. The medical paradigm is now structured to transfer citizens’ money into the coffers of corporate monopolies, especially Big Pharma. Health itself has become a marginal, nominal consideration.

    It is a fact that economical, non-toxic and effective therapies, remediation and cures for most diseases have been known for many decades, if not a century, but that these have been obliterated in a system that regulates science in courtrooms rather than through the evidence of performance. We are practicing a medical and health-care paradigm that is at least a century behind the proven research. Over and over again we have witnessed “Genius Attacked and Therapy Denied”.

    John D. Rockefeller, the original Oil King and founder of Standard Oil, stated that the only truly unforgivable sin was to allow competition to survive. His policy was “Buy them out, or wipe them out”. It was his agenda that his “chemical industry” would become the foundation of “everything” – industry, medicine, agriculture, etc. In 1900 he gained control over American medicine, infiltrating and taking over control of the American Medical Association – marking the birth of Big Pharma’s control over medical policies. Since then we have witnessed an incessant war against nutrition and natural therapeutics by the Medical Mafia/Big Pharma Medical Establishment, that has a stranglehold on health-care (sickness-care) policies in North America. This hundred year war is now coming to a climax. Indeed, we find that real solutions have either been “bought out, or wiped out”.

    It is time for a drastic change: a house-cleaning, a return to sanity, common sense and honest, open, truthful science. Regarding natural therapeutics, that which maintains health also remediates illness. They are one and the same. The wisdom of Hippocrates stated two millennia ago that “Your food shall be your medicine, and your medicine shall be your food”. An undeniable truth that Big Pharma has spent billions to bury.
    We need a paradigm change that has the courage to tear out the destructive roots of self-interest and exploitation – and builds with a measure of sanity that returns “jurisdiction over one’s body and health” back to the individual, who has a vested interest in maintaining health, if only government policies and mandates and corporate economic vested interests would stop destroying it.
    The health-care budget can easily be stabilized and maintained, but not as long as the Curse of the Midas Touch hovers over it. We know the Solutions. All that is necessary is the permission to implement them. For that to happen, the present Government’s policies and the Medical Hierarchical Establishment’s controls have to get out of the way.

    Comment by CDSAPI – Citizens Demand Scientific, Academic and Political Integrity.
    Presently, Integrity is conspicuously absent in all three areas.
    “When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us,
    we, in essence, accept that the state owns our bodies.” ~U.S.Representative Ron Paul, MD
    “Unless we put medical freedom into the constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship…. To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the bastille of medical science.”
    Benjamin Rush MD, Physician to George Washington, Signatory to the Declaration of Independence

  2. Gertrude Steiner said

    The letter asking the Health Canada must be investigated is not only dead on – it is long overdue. There is no greater threat to the health of Canadians than the ignorant arrogance that is pervasive in Health Canada, since they are the ones who set the regulatory standards. For some time now, I have renamed this corrupt government agency as the “Health Prohibition Branch”.
    It is obvious that Government polices are major generators of illness. Their refusal to acknowledge well researched science or to listen to the concerns of whistle-blowers with impeccable professional credential is not only willful negligence – it is criminal in the extreme. The refusal of Health Canada to protect Canadian citizens is so pronounced that one has to wonder whether health and survival even enter into their considerations as they sacrifice the health of Canadians at the altar of the “Corporate Economy”, that they unashamedly admit is their primary priority.

  3. Thank you for this letter and Ms. Steiner’s comments. We must seek concrete solutions and act on them in order to break the hold which Government and corporations have over our health.

    A number of governments and even health advocacy groups follow the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO), many of which do not favor health but rather, cater to the interests of industry (pharmaceutical, wireless, nuclear).

    Examples include:
    – WHO declaring the H1N1 flu virus pandemic, precipitating massive vaccination of populations and stockpiling of vaccines. Perishable stocks of unused vaccines had to be destroyed while millions of dollars were made by pharmaceutical companies.

    – Denial by WHO of the physiological, non-thermal effects of electromagnetic fields. To quote WHO: “To date, no adverse health effects from low level, long-term exposure to radiofrequency or power frequency fields have been confirmed.” WHO explains reported symptoms of users such as headaches, anxiety, suicide, depression, nausea, and fatigue as due in part to other environmental factors such as noise or by “anxiety related to the presence of new technologies”. In addition, WHO states that no adverse effects of exposure to the electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile telephone use have been discovered.

    Hundreds of credible independent scientific studies exist attesting to undesirable and often serious health effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation.
    During a recent congress on electrosmog in Switzerland, which included presentations by Dr. Magda Havas, Pr D. Belpomme, President of ARTAC (Association for Research and Treatments against Cancer), whose research is entirely non-industry funded, stated that there is an important link between electromagnetic fields and neuro-degenerative diseases, notably Alzheimer’s which could appear in persons as young as age 45. The risk of Alzheimer’s is much greater than that of cancer. No one from the Swiss Federal Office for Public Health attended the Congress.

    – WHO explains the main risk factors for cancer as tobacco, abuse of alcohol, poor diet and physical inactivity, while many independent experts say that up to 70% of cancers are caused by degradation of the environment. WHO’s proclamation forms the basis for most national cancer plans and strategies for cancer “prevention”, while prevention should be focused on reducing environmental pollution.

    – Due to a 1959 agreement with the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), WHO has been prevented from conducting research into the human health effects of radiation connected with nuclear energy. WHO has not challenged IAEA’s underestimate of the number of victims of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster: less than 50 deaths and a potential 4,000 more deaths over the long term. A recent study published by the New York Academy of Sciences estimates 985,000 deaths occurred worldwide due to fallout from the accident, between 1986 and 2004. Both the IAEA and the Japanese Government are covering up the truth concerning the consequences of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The IAEA promotes commercial use of the atom for domestic purposes and thus downplays the potential devastating effects of nuclear energy such as danger of nuclear accidents, nuclear waste, uranium mining, and radioactivity affecting populations living close to nuclear power plants.

    The United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is also not, at least as regards vaccination, looking after citizen health. It recommends a vaccination schedule for the United States comprising 70 doses of 16 different vaccines for babies and children from the day of birth to the age of 18. Before six months of age, a child’s immune system is not developed enough to withstand the assault of numerous vaccines. No country in the world vaccinates as early or as often as the United States. The necessity of several of these vaccines has been contested. The former head of the CDC resigned from the CDC to join Merck pharmaceutical company as head of its vaccine division.

    Regarding the vaccine against the human papilloma virus (HPV) destined for adolescent girls, and now even recommended for boys from age 11, the same independent group of scientists (ARTAC), which included the viral expert, Professor Luc Montagnier, does not recommend wide-scale HPV vaccination in countries which have a very low mortality rate for cervical cancer. Systematic screening for this type of cancer is more effective. Over the four and a half years since U.S. approval of this vaccine, some 21,000 adverse reactions have been reported and 89 deaths associated with the vaccine.

    Regarding philanthropic collaboration with industry, an outstanding example is the Melinda and Bill Gates’ Foundation which, through its Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) intends to launch a U.S.-style child vaccination schedule to other countries. Global vaccine revenues in 2009 totaled $22 billion and currently, 145 new vaccines are under development. The Gates’ Foundation also has a large number of shares in Monsanto and has plans to develop GMO agriculture in Africa.

    So, how do we get the government to stop formulating policies that cause illness and be influenced by industry? One solution would be to enourage local – city and provincial/state governments to enact legislation protecting their citizens’ health. Another is to educate doctors to practice genuine disease prevention through prescribing more natural remedies which would enforce the immune system. We must also educate the public to make better consumer choices and advocate for a healthier environment through listening to scientists and health experts of integrity and courage like Dr. Magda Havas, the Canadian expert in electromagnetic pollution.

  4. […] Ms Stein has sent this in support of Martin Weatheral’s call for  Health Canada to be prosecuted. […]

  5. Jeff Chiacchieri said

    I wrote many branches of government in 2005 with much evidence based on personal experiences also. I also wrote a 60 page guide I wrote for others including my correspondence with gov. I will send to you if you want a copy.

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