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Singing the Bolton Blues

Posted by seumasach on April 2, 2018

It’s a brave man who predicts any outcome in our increasingly unstable world especially when it concerns the policy of Trump. Yet again we have a Hamlet figure in the White House and we are left to guess whether he really is mad or only pretending to be so. Raimondo shows here a possible method within the Trump madness: certainly it makes sense to have Bolton in the tent pissing out rather than outside the tent pissing in. Furthermore, the debonnaire Tillerson certainly seemed to have played a treacherous role in undermining Trump’s policy of detente with Russia as seems to be confirmed by Trump’s declaration of withdrawal from Syria subsequent to Tilllerson’s departure. Whether you like Trump or not there is no question that he has shaken up US foreign policy in a way that is quite incompatible with a US -led globalization process and, consequently, with a huge portion of the US elite and, even more strikingly, the British elite.

Justin Raimondo


26th March, 2018

The appointment of John Bolton as President Trump’s National Security Advisor – his third so far – is bad news for anti-interventionists, but hardly the catastrophe #TheResistance is making it out to be. I’ve covered Bolton’s crazed ideology of perpetual conflict in this space on several occasions – you’ll recall he was up for Secretary of State in the first months of the new administration, and he also lost out to H. R. McMaster when Mike Flynn was ousted – and so I won’t repeat myself here. Having made it on the third try, Bolton is now being characterized as the “proof” that Trump has abandoned his “America first” aversion to overseas intervention, as the otherwise sensible Jim Antle avers.

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