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India’s Asian strategies are distinctly passé

Posted by seumasach on January 30, 2018

Both Japan and Australia are breaking from the US sphere of influence. As Trump says, the US will follow it’s national interests just as other countries will follow theirs: that is exactly what is happening. But of course, following your national interest is by no means the same thing as following an isolationist policy: that is impossible in our globalized world where success is based on exercising strategic autonomy to maximize geo-strategic advantage. Trump seems to be enabling this for other countries but it remains to be seen whether he can do it for the USA itself, incorporating the USA itself into the multipolar order by way of a comprehensive trade and investment partnership with China. So far it appears not.


Indian Punchline

29th January, 2018

The meeting between the foreign ministers of China and Japan – Wang Yi and Taro Kono – on Sunday in Beijing signifies the resumption of high-level exchanges after an interlude of two years. A series of goodwill gestures by the two sides in recent months preceded it. Sunday’s talks resulted in an agreement to hold the Japan-China-South Korea summit meeting “as soon as possible”.

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