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Donald Trump and Brexit have made the European Union stronger, claims former Italian PM

Posted by seumasach on September 2, 2017

Trump’s anti-EU stance was merely a pose aimed at reinforcing his “take control of America” meme. and win an election. He doesn’t share the neocons obsession with breaking up the European Union and , most tellingly, he shows no interest whatsoever in even visiting the UK which initiated the nationalist revolution he is alleged to be pursuing. His attitude towards NATO is almost inviting the Europeans to pursue their own security interests. We are living through a period of great political confusion which due to an over-exageration of the importance of ideology.

Daily Express

1st September, 2017

DONALD TRUMP and Brexit have strengthened the European Union, according to a former Italian Prime Minister who said Britain’s EU divorce would lead to the break up of the Brussels project.

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