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A second Brexit referendum? It’s looking more likely by the day

Posted by seumasach on August 3, 2017

Vernon Bogdanor is a rarity in British politics, combining clear logical mind with a comprehensive knowledge of the British political system. The outcome here however depends on wider geopolitical issues which have come into stark focus following the defeat of Trump’s political agenda by the US establishment aided and abetted by the Brexit junta. Britain’s apparently haphazard, insouciant approach to Brexit negotiations reflect this new alliance which seeks to destabilize the EU as well as Russia and China. The geopolitical stakes have suddenly reached new heights with real risks of global war. For the moment the spotlight is on Europe and whether the European leadership can defend itself against its one-time allies, the USA and the UK.


3rd August, 2017

Negotiations on Britain’s withdrawal from the EU have now begun in earnest. They are required, according to article 50, to “take account of the framework” for Britain’s “future relationship with the union”. But what is that future relationship to be?

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