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Britain risks disgracing itself by sending carriers to S.China Sea

Posted by seumasach on August 2, 2017

“Britain should be aware that if the country’s new aircraft carriers are sent to patrol the South China Sea, the Chinese will view it as a provocation.” But it is precisely provocation, if not open war, which is the new Anglo-American doctrine following the overwhelming congressional vote for sanctions against Russia, to be imposed universally, Cuban sanctions-style. The most immediate target of this shift to confrontation is Germany and the EU. Thus, the Brexit policy which appeared to be obscure comes into focus: there is no coherent negotiating position over Brexit because the sole purpose of Brexit is to destabilize Europe. My immediate response to Brexit characterizing it as a neoconservative coup turns out to be precisely correct. As I wrote then:

“Here is why the British people made a catastrophic error on Thursday, one which they will live to bitterly regret. Britain will pay a terrible price for hosting a neocon junta which is set to continue Britain’s long and dishonorable tradition of interference in the sovereign affairs of other countries.”

As I also pointed out then, Brexit was posited on the assumption of power by the Clinton clique. The election of Trump put a spanner in the works and left the Brexiteers adrift. It is only after prolonged machinations that Trump’s agenda has been neutralized and London once again set fair for a collision course with Europe backed by America’s reinvigorated neoconservatives.

Global Times

During a visit in Australia, UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Thursday that Britain’s two new aircraft carriers could be sent to patrol the South China Sea, and he said that the operation was designed to vindicate the country’s belief in “the rules-based international system and in the freedom of navigation through those waterways which are absolutely vital for world trade.”

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