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Is Britain’s Theresa May reversing David Cameron’s China policy?

Posted by seumasach on August 2, 2016

The coup in Brazil bringing into question both the BRICS and Mercosur, Brexit and the dismissal of Osborne, the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission report on human rights in China, the Hague ruling on the South China Seas, the weakening of Australia-China ties, the renewed protests in Hong Kong including demands for secession: all these point to the policy of “containment” of China as the dominant theme of US foreign policy under the next presidency. Detente with Russia should be viewed within this context.

Asia Times

2nd August, 2016

Prime Minister Therese May’s decision to delay approving a new nuclear power station partly funded by China at Hinkley Point may be an indication that she will soon be dismantling many of  Cameron government’s policy plans. Hinkley Point being China’s first nuclear power project in the West, Beijing will lose its face if it is canceled.

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