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Liam Fox slapped down by No 10 on post-Brexit trade deal

Posted by seumasach on July 27, 2016

The implosion of the Leave camp which began on the day of their pyrrhic victory will be a sight to behold. As Farage goes on his roving commission to bring down the EU, Fox is off to sell out the country to the USA. Meanwhile Redwood and the others look down their noses at a purely imaginary scenario concocted by the British press about membership of the single market accompanied by a seven year emergency brake on immigration. They truly are no-hopers. No matter how many people support you if you have no practicable policy you are doomed.

Politics Home

27th July, 2016

New International Trade Secretary Liam Fox was slapped down by No 10 last night over comments he made about Britain’s post-Brexit trade with the EU.

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