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LSE-Deutsche Börse dealmakers were wrong to ignore Brexit risk

Posted by seumasach on July 25, 2016

With the failure of this deal looking likely and the removal of Osborne, champion of yuan-trading in the City and defender of HSBC from US regulators, from government, you really have to ask if City of London interests haven’t been sacrificed to US interests by way of the Brexit vote. Is Wall Street then about to bypass London, its traditional point of entry into Europe, in favour of Paris or Frankfurt? Is this also a result of the obvious failure of TTIP? If there is a deal, what, if anything, does the UK get by way of compensation?


29th June, 2016

Anyone who believes that the merger between Germany’s Deutsche Börse and the London Stock Exchange is going ahead must have their head buried in the sand. Just like the people who designed the deal.

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