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Thought you’d finally heard the last of Nigel Farage?

Posted by seumasach on July 4, 2016

 “I am very keen to help the independence movements that are springing up elsewhere in the European Union because I’m certain of one thing: you haven’t seen the last country that wants to leave the EU.”

For the neocons and associates, Brexit is nothing but the first domino which will lead to the disintegration of the EU. They see it as the new Soviet Union and would bring it down as, according to them, they brought down the Soviet Union. The EU or, rather, Euroland, now the pertinent organization, has become a barrier to certain City of London interests. In the event of collapse, they are confident they could dominate the residual “independent nations”.

While the brexiteers say they need more time to work out their strategy towards the EU, Farage has stepped down from his party leadership to kick start the real strategy: to fan the flames of euroscepticism and xenophobia the length and breadth of Europe.


4th July, 2016

Having won his war to get Britain out of the EU, he now wants to win the peace. Nigel Farage may be about to embark on a European tour

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