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The Brexit Fraud

Posted by seumasach on June 30, 2016

Cailean Bochanan

30th June, 2016

The British people have just voted to leave the EU but the prime minister has refused to leave. His heart just isn’t in it. Nor does he want to step down now. Surely, as prime minster he is obliged to accept the result of the referendum which he called and duly invoke article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, specially crafted to the needs of a country which has been on the way out for some time.

According to Cameron this task must be carried out by whoever the Tory Party is going to appoint as our national leader. Someone really qualified to negotiate with the Europeans. Someone like Michael Gove who has pledged to overthrow the EU.

Cameron has already broken his pledge to accept the result of the referendum by refusing to invoke article 50. Preliminary negotiations with EU could be started by civil servants. We could even appoint a commissioner to do this- if the Tory Party can appoint our prime minister they can appoint a commissioner.

Why doesn’t Cameron want to leave the EU? He wants to recommence negotiations over the terms of our membership of the EU. To recommence the same negotiations which he refused to explain to the British people in the course of campaigning to remain in the EU and which he must have accepted as being a good deal since he was campaigning , ostensibly, to remain on the basis of that deal.

So the the real question posed by the referendum was:

Do you wish to be a member of the EU as it is or as we’d like it to be?

So having rejected being a member of the EU as it is, the entire political class and intelligentsia has embarked on a renewed debate on how we’d like the EU to be. This isn’t about us. It’s about the EU and how it can be transformed in a way that is acceptable to us  or, even better, vaporized altogether.

A lot of us are now agreed that we should be in the single market since otherwise British business would be completely doomed. British business is already lobbying intensely over this and the Tory party is, remember, the party of business. British business is also energetically lobbying for more immigrant labour but our punditry are edging towards the view that, on balance. more immigration is a “red line”. Bad luck for British business then. The Tory party is not the party of high wages.

Other variants of free movement , single market with or without troublesome European rules, or laws, as the Europeans like to call them, are being put forward. Lets show that this is the kind of open, creative debate that we as a people excell in. Let the Europeans look on in bewilderment if they want.

So, what we have is a plethora of lobbies putting forward their vision for Europe in the hope that the Europeans finally understand what it is we’re telling them to be and to do. Only the other night Cameron told them they had to do something about immigration. Then, on the crew of a wave, he told Corbyn, in no uncertain terms, to resign. Anyway, this plethora of lobbies constitutes the Brexit camp. It has no clear program.

The only lobby that has a clear program is the Remain camp. We simply want, in the first instance,  the status quo. If you take all the options being put forward the Remain would undoubtedly have the most support. We only lost because people thought they were voting to leave the EU rather than transform it. The referendum was a deception.

As the biggest lobby we shouldn’t hesitate to show our strength on the streets. This will get easier and easier as the Brexit shambles gets more and more shambolic and destabilizing and the Brexit voters realize they’ve been sold down the river by a bunch of charlatans who couldn’t organize a piss up in Brussels.

For once, we have the youth on our side. Lets take the streets the length and breadth of the country.

Simply stay!

Down with the unelected Brexit junta!

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