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Brexit: UK cannot have ‘single market a la carte’, say EU leaders

Posted by seumasach on June 29, 2016

For the hundredth time it is necessary to explain the Brits that the single market entails free movement. You might think they are just completely stupid but their goal is to undermine the EU by appealing to xenophobic instincts everywhere. This why, having received majority support to leave they refuse to invoke article 50, they refuse to leave. The whole vote has been undertaken under false pretenses: instead of leaving Europe the Brexit junta is seeks to destroy it. This enough to render the whole process null and void: the aim of the referendum was not as claimed.


29th June, 2016

There can be no “a la carte” access to the single market, the European Council president Donald Tusk has said, as Europe’s leaders agreed that Britain must accept freedom of movement if it wants access.

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