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Russia’s ‘Greater Eurasia’ plan gets Brexit boost

Posted by seumasach on June 28, 2016

“The Kremlin also took pains earlier this month to ensure that “Greater Eurasia” isn’t perceived as an anti-Western plot by inviting European nations to participate in the scheme. However, following Brexit, the “Greater Eurasia” project sounds like an alternative to the EU, rather than a mutually beneficial joint venture.”

The idea of Russia supporting the collapse of the EU seems unlike given that their closest ally China is fully supportive of it. They would also be wary of national micro-entities under neocon control such as Kosovo emerging. But the Russians think big and the Eurasian Union points to the possibility of a free trade zone from Vladivostok to Lisbon, or London. The Eurasian Union could certainly draw some countries away from Europe. In any case, Russia may well be pleased by the removal of the Atlanticist west flank of the EU and it should now be easier to draw the EU towards an eastern orientation. We have already seen unprecedented signs of this such as Steinmeier’s rebuke of NATO and Renzi’s blossoming love affair with Putin. But, talking of thinking big, we should not forget the Moscow does not confine itself to skirmishing on Europe’s eastern flank, but the seeks the grail of an overarching Moscow-Washington partnership.

Asia Times

27th June, 2016

MOSCOW–The Kremlin has been careful to dismiss claims that Britain’s vote to leave the European Union came as a development largely beneficial for Russia. Yet despite the official denials, the upcoming European disorder sparked by the UK leaving the EU appears to come as a boost to Russia’s plans of increased Eurasian integration.

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