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Could Brexit bring the end of the new Sino-British “special relationship”?

Posted by seumasach on April 18, 2016

“The Chinese government, for its part, clearly sees its relationship with Britain as being a linchpin to its relationship with the West more broadly. During President Xi Jinping’s high-profile state visit last October, he announced a new set of large Chinese investments in the British economy. But as I wrote at the time, China was not so much looking for a European friend in London so much as a Western friend that could serve as a link to the United States and the rest of Europe.”


17th March, 2016

As Britain prepares itself for the historic June 23 referendum on its membership of the European Union, an unexpected player has entered the debate: China. With Chinese businesses and the government now investing in big, lucrative projects in Britain, they’re clearly worried about the economic implications of Brexit. In recent weeks, Chinese officials and business leaders alike have become more vocal in their support for European unity (and, though they haven’t said it explicitly, for the “stay” campaign).


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