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Legendary hedge funds take on the Chinese central bank

Posted by seumasach on February 1, 2016

Here comes the showdown between the Western financial model and the Chinese one viewed through a Western prism in this article. This looks to me like desperate stuff from Soros and his speculator friends.

Zero Hedge

31st January, 2016

One month ago, we first revealed that for one prominent winner from the subprime crisis, Hayman Capital’s Kyle Bass, “the greatest investment opportunity right now” is to short the Chinese Yuan: as he explained “given our views on credit contraction in Asia, and in China in particular, let’s say they are going to go through a banking loss cycle like we went through during the Great Financial Crisis, there’s one thing that is going to happen: China is going to have to dramatically devalue its currency.” He even went so far as to give a timeframe: “we think it’s going to be in the next 12-18 months.”

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