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No China’s economy is not going to crash

Posted by seumasach on October 25, 2015

Here is an unusual article from the British left which actually praises the Chinese economic model. The points made seem valid although there is no discussion of the role of finance, an omission, I think, given Deng’s maxim that “whatever you do always keep control of the financial system”. John Ross is a supporter of Corbyn: hopefully Corbyn can also back the trend on the left of complete contempt for China’s achievements. We shall see.

– why China has the world’s strongest macro-economic structure

Socialist Action

5th September, 2015

A great deal of highly inaccurate material is currently appearing in the Western media about the ‘crisis’ of China’s economy – an economy growing three times as fast as the US or Europe. This follows a long tradition of similarly inaccurate ‘crash’ material on China symbolised by Gordon Chang’s 2002 book ‘The Coming Collapse of China’.

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