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Russia outflanks Turkey in Syria

Posted by seumasach on October 7, 2015


Asia Times

6th October, 2015

Turkey has voiced strong opposition to the Russian military intervention in Syria. How far will Turkey take this campaign?

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One Response to “Russia outflanks Turkey in Syria”

  1. Jon said

    I have never understood why Russia is intervening now? They have been supporting Assad for four to five years but only when he barely commands a third of the landmass does Russia step in. Better late than never? I don’t think so. Russia has now based itself in a dangerous situation, where their silly RT propaganda will be swept aside by the PR of the US and Europe. Already the US are claiming that figures in the Russian FSB are responsible for trying to smuggle uranium to ISIS. There is also possibility of Turkey or the US getting into a shooting match with the Russians, all it takes is one incident. As for Iran, I believe they are pragmatic to believe that Assad is finished, yet they will still want to have a presence in Syria, or say in the new government. That is why Hezbollah is there to insure that in any new government the rights of the Shia are protected, as well as Iran’s national security. Iran’s nuclear deal and the beginning of closer economic ties with Europe will give them some diplomatic influence. Russia is the nation with nothing to gain by this intervention. Russia is not the problem, but Putin’s ridiculous foreign policy is the real problem.

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