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Schaeuble continues to push for Grexit

Posted by seumasach on July 16, 2015

The plot thickens. We now have a very interesting coalition openly opposing a deal and, implcitly or explicitly, calling for grexit: the IMF, the British government, Schauble & Co, the left and the right. The Greek people, however, overwhelmingly support remaining in the eurozone and, by the look of it, the majority of Europeans. The call for a haircut, impermissible under EU rules, is unnecessary since it is possible to fudge the issue by endlessly differing payment and lowering interest rates. This is what is already happening according to the European Commission so it may be that the IMF and Schauble are throwing in this red herring simply as a wrecking tactic.

Schaeuble Shrugs Off Greek Vote Saying Euro Exit Is Best


German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble told Greece the only way it’ll get a debt reduction is to leave the euro and cast doubt on the country’s ability to even complete negotiations on a third bailout.

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