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Posted by seumasach on June 18, 2015

Looking out to 2020: the return of European wars ?


15th June, 2015

In the face of some rather worrying indicators in recent months, we have got to the point of asking ourselves the question of the likelihood of a return of European wars looking out to 2020. Actually, it’s not because our team continues to see the crisis’ exit tracks falling into place, that it doesn’t keep watch over the remaining obstacles on the path to these exits; obstacles which to us seem to be of two kinds essentially :
. first, the efforts of the world before’s masters to keep control, anachronistic conflicts and rooted in the past, caused by increasingly isolated, but also increasingly aggressive powers, amongst whose number there remains especially, but not only, the US military ;
. second, what are the « natural » sparks, likely to give birth to enormous friction between tectonic plates, the best image evoking the geopolitical rebalancing underway.

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