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EU/UK/US – union, dislocation, reinvention: The great systemic transformation of the West

Posted by seumasach on May 17, 2015


15th May, 2015

For the fourth consecutive month, accompanied by all the usual precautions, our team continues to believe that the crisis’ peak is now behind us. It’s clear that two photos taken five minutes before and five minutes after this peak can be identical. On the other hand the film isn’t comparable; it’s that the perspective is radically different. The mountain walker knows, after crossing the pass that the descent seems easier than the climb: clear direction, gravity on one’s side, shelter in sight… But be careful all the same, before reaching the tarmac road obstacles and risks of a fall are still very present, perhaps even aggravated by the comfortable feeling associated with the fatigue of the climb. This impression of the end of the walk is exactly what our team feels after four months now. Some of our readers are surprised to see us put on rose tinted spectacles; are the spectacles rose tinted or is it really this crisis’ setting sun shining through?

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