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SBU: all non-state paramilitary structures must be disarmed

Posted by seumasach on March 27, 2015

Colonel Cassad

26th March, 2015


The head of the security service of Ukraine Valentyn Nalyvaichenko emphasizes the need to disarm all paramilitary structures unrelated to the Armed forces or law enforcement agencies of Ukraine.
“Now the time has come and military leadership, and the leadership of the Ministry of internal Affairs, and the management of the SBU to take care of the ATO soldiers, providing them with appropriate legal status, the opportunity to enter legally in the composition of the legitimate armed forces: the Armed forces of Ukraine, Ministry of interior, the national guard or security service”, said Mr. Nalyvaichenko Tuesday night in the channel 5.
He said: “Everyone else who doesn’t want to log in as a member of the armed forces, police, national guard, security service) must surrender their weapons and to choose a different model of behavior is to leave the area ATO, moreover, not to create and not be part of any illegal military or paramilitary associations.
“We take seriously the fact that were disarmed before the end and disbarred those structures that are involved or are part of a well-coordinated gangs”, added Mr. Nalyvaichenko. (in Russian) – link

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