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Alexis Tsipras’ “open letter” to German citizens

Posted by seumasach on January 31, 2015

This is a pretty reasonable statement from Tsipras- he is actually the one putting forward a conservative fiscal agenda while the ECB goes for the madness of QE. The question now is where is the Barnier plan for the sanitation of the European financial system, for the famous “bail-in”? Has it been abandoned under Atlanticist pressure in favor of permanent bail-out through money-printing. Tsipras’ moves so far look like an opportunity for Europe to get back on course after going completely adrift with its recent aberrations on Russia and QE. It’s notable that the Atlanticist press seemed quite relaxed about Tsipras at first, revelling in the discomfiture of the Europeans. A neo-Keynesian reflation via money printing, protecting the pound and dollar, has long been their policy for Europe after all. Syriza could well have been their Trojan horse, but they’re not getting what they hoped for from Tsipras. The plot has suddenly become extraordinarily interesting!

….published on Jan.13 in Handelsblatt, a leading German language business newspaper

Open letter to the German readers: That which you were never told about Greece



Most of you, dear Handesblatt readers, will have formed a preconception of what this article is about before you actually read it. I am imploring you not to succumb to such preconceptions. Prejudice was never a good guide, especially during periods when an economic crisis reinforces stereotypes and breeds biggotry, nationalism, even violence.

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