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Russia, Belarus, France, Greece – The world rebels against Wall Street rule

Posted by seumasach on January 24, 2015

Webster Tarpley

21st January, 2015

« Massive Upvaluation of Swiss Franc Stuns Wall Street and London; Extent of Damage to US Zombie Banks Not Yet Fully Known; Heralds Acute Phase in Breakdown Crisis of Globalization; Currency Predators Eye Danish Crown; Syriza Launches Salonika Program to Save Greek Working People; House Democratic Leadership Concedes 0.1% Wall Street Sales Tax on Stocks; Petraeus Facing Indictment, ISIS Czar Allen Next; CIA-FBI Hype Terror to Chill Anti-Austerity Resistance from Greece to Ohio; Judge in Pinkney Case Punts, Delays Sentencing Due to “Letters and Publicity”

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