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New cultural exchange centre planned for Cumnock

Posted by seumasach on November 8, 2014

“All of this will help to support the Scottish Government’s China engagement strategy that is already forging important links with the world’s most populous country.”

With new devolved powers on the way I expect the SNP, now beyond question Scotland leading political force, to hit the ground running in opening up Scotland to incoming Chinese investment. Of course, the UK has been totally dependent on incoming Chinese investment anyway in the form of government bond purchase but this is unsustainable and is being replaced by direct investment in real and industrial estate, infrastructure and ultimately, re-industrialization. Scotland already has a five-year plan( a nice touch I think), its Five Year Strategy for Engagement between Scotland and the People’s Republic of China which envisages, for example, the following scenario:

China‟s Foreign Direct Investment has increased dramatically in recent years and has mainly involved the acquisition of mineral resources and energy. Whilst this mergers and acquisitions trend will continue, we expect more Chinese companies to become Global companies either through acquisition or by themselves through natural expansion.

To facilitate inward investment from such companies, we will position Scotland as the ideal European base for Chinese companies with a focus on our pro-innovation business environment.

Scotland has, and will continue to have, a range of high quality investment opportunities suitable for funding from China. These vary from the low carbon sector to 5-star tourism destination developments. SDI will build relationships with Chinese investment companies and entrepreneurs, utilising cultural opportunities, to fully promote these and help create further investment opportunities in Scotland.


15th October, 2014

A major investment that will see Glaisnock House in Cumnock transformed into a language and cultural centre for Chinese students and entrepreneurs has been welcomed today.

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