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Ukraine, EU to ratify Association Agreement simultaneously

Posted by seumasach on September 4, 2014

First, they tried to sign the AA with the legal government, then they tried to sign it with the illegal government which they had installed via a coup d’etat. Now they are trying to sign it with a government which has just lost a war against part of its own population, whose neo-nazi front line troops have sworn to overthrow it, whose national army has disintegrated and which will preside over a de facto partition of the the country if it continues to reject a negotiated peace settlement. All this so that the respective parties can save some face and continue to maintain the completely false story they have been putting out through their completely controlled media. The EU cannot get much lower than this and if it continues to exhibit this kind of political ineptitude, fruit of a political class completely in tow to Anglo-American interests, it will collapse. The problem in Europe is not so much the economy or the common currency but the crisis in direction and in the absence of an independent political leadership.


4th September, 2014

The European Parliament and Ukraine will ratify the country’s Association Agreement (AA) simultaneously, during the 15-18 September session, EurActiv has learned. The signing of the AA led to the conflict currently under way between Ukraine and Russia.

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