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NATO can’t do anything to save Ukraine

Posted by seumasach on September 3, 2014

All the nonsense and bravado that comes out of today’s NATO summit will not be able to conceal the essential irrelevance of this organization, an irrelevance confirmed by it’s inability to come to the aid of a militantly anti-Russian regime in Ukraine, installed by NATO itself, its very own baby if you like. For what purpose does NATO have if it is not the roll-back of Russia and the fact that Ukraine is not a NATO member is a mere technicality, world dominance was never going to be achieved by playing by the rules. The Kiev regime is NATO creation in its own image: NATO old-timers must have warmed to images of distressed pensioners, crying children and corpses in the street resulting from Ukrainian bombardment of Ukrainian citizens. Their thoughts would have gone back to past exploits: to destroyed bridges and trains in Serbia, to bombed weddings in Afghanistan and, more recently, to providing murderous air cover for murderous jihadis in Libya. Oh, the glory of it all! Yet those days are gone, never to return: the will simply isn’ there. I hope this is Obama’s irony: if so, it says it all:

“It [NATO] is unbreakable, it is unwavering, it is eternal. And Estonia will never stand alone,”

New Republic

3rd September, 2014

This week’s NATO summit in Wales has been billed as themost important meeting in the organization’s history, “a strategic inflection point,” an occasion for its rebirth,rediscoveryreinvention as a tougher, mightier alliance. The impetus for this new beginning is the worsening situation in Ukraine, which awoke the organization from its slumber by alerting it to the fact that its member states in Eastern Europe are vulnerable to an assault from Russia. Ukraine will be one of the main items on the agenda. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko will be on the scene at the Welsh golf resort to plead for help, badly needed after his squabble with Russia on Wednesday, which resulted in yet another failed attempt at a ceasefire. Poroshenko will try to  convince European leaders that Russia is not just at war with Ukraine, it’s at war with all of Europe.

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