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Ukraine – What just happened?

Posted by seumasach on September 1, 2014

This is a most interesting analysis But one salient fact is missing: Kiev has already broken from the Right Sector who recently announced that they were on their way back to Kiev to overthrow Poroshenko. They regard him as a Russian agent and think he set them up for annihilation in the East. The Ukies performance in the war does seem to be almost unnaturally inept and you could legitimately muse on whether there might be some truth in their suspicions. Everyone just assumes that Poroshenko is playing the CIA’s game but couldn’t he also be playing Moscow’s. As I wrote back in May:

” I suspect Russia have strategic depth in Ukraine and that the new president, Poroshenko, will be a disappointment to the West’s war party.”

What perspectives could there ever really have been for a neo-fascist government in Ukraine? If Poroshenko was an intelligent man he would have realized that they were non-existent. Would he not then have realized that a way-out must be found and that only Russia could provide it? Would he not have realized that this way-out depended on taking out the neo-fascists? Once enough of them have been consumed in the “cauldrons” the negotiations can begin in earnest. That point may have already been reached- we’ll know this week.

Winter Patriot Community Blog

30th August, 2014

This last week has seen a dramatic turnaround in the fortunes of the Novorossian Armed Forces (NAF); from barely holding on, to turning the tables on the forces of the Kiev junta regime. The NAF has from the beginning imposed heavy losses on the Kiev forces, often in the order of 10 to 1, but they were unable to hold many strategic areas as they were greatly outnumbered and did not have the heavy equipment needed to sustain heavy attacks. So what happened?

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