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Posted by seumasach on August 16, 2014

Cailean Bochanan

16th August, 2014

Finally, the smoking gun: journalists from the Guardian and Telegraph newspapers, two western news sources of unimpeachable integrity, have spotted a Russian military column inside Ukraine. According to an update in today’s Guardian:

“It was impossible to verify the destination or ultimate fate of the convoy, or monitor how long it stayed on the other side of the border.”

So, after taking the trouble to invade Ukraine, the Russians may have just decided to withdraw again. But according to Ukrainian President , Poroshenko, the column was partially destroyed by Ukrainian army forces. Given the obvious ineptitude of the Ukrainian “anti-terrorist” forces attempting to retake the Donbass, this would represent an enormous military achievement. But, above all and without wishing cast doubts on the above witness reports, this really would constitute the smoking gun. As such it would be of the highest interest to Rasmussen and his NATO alliance. He duly confirmed the sighting adding that
“What we have seen last night is the continuation of what we have seen for some time”.
So, according to Rasmussen, recent, proud recipient of the “Order of Liberty” from Poroshenko, the Russians have been invading Ukraine for some time. However, Poroshenko will be disturbed to find that Rasmussen refuses to charaterise the alleged Russian incursion as an invasion.
But still, the fact remains, if we are to believe Poroshenko, that somewhere in Ukraine are the destroyed remnants of a Russian military column. We await only for all to be revealed and for Russia to stand exposed before the world. But that could take some time. It could be a bit like waiting to hear what is revealed by the black boxes of the Malaysian airliner. For , whereas accusations come thick and fast, evidence always lags behind and is , in fact, nowhere in sight.
In defense of the Western media and spokesmen, you could argue that in the their virtual world no such evidence is required, that the trusting populace will believe anything and that the very notion of a propaganda disaster no longer applies. But I doubt that, even in official cirlces, anyone outside the Western imperialist inner circle could be impressed with this kind of stuff. Is the Malaysian government buying the Western version over MH17? The problem for the West is that they can go on believing their own propaganda but the “international community” is no longer in their pocket.
Of course, the failure of the destroyed column to turn up doesn’t prove it wasn’t there, but I don’t think anyone will be looking that hard. On the other hand photographic evidence of widespread destruction of Ukrainian Army and National Guard units looks quite convincing. The latest “antiterrorist offensive’ looks to have been yet another dramatic fiasco. Certainly, there is no evidence of the much-vaunted offensive having achieved anything. So the Guardian’s Kiev’s latest exorbitant claims could stem from despair and decisive military reverses. The logical response would be be to sue for peace but there remains the thorny question of the extremists elements within the armed forces and wider Ukrainian society. As everywhere in the world today there is an element of sheer insanity which is unpredictable and intractable. By now any sane elements would settle for a negotiated peace. The hapless Europeans can only view with despair the results of their own handiwork stemming from boundless hubris and arrogance whilst Obama is clearly sitting on the fence to the despair of the War Party. Instead of biting it, they must reach out to grasp the only hand that can save them, that of Vladimir Putin.

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