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Iran endorses transition in Baghdadh

Posted by seumasach on August 13, 2014

For once, Obama finds himself on safe ground in his foreign policy.Clinton may huff and puff but the forces on whose behalf she wanted intervention in Syria are essentially the same as those who everyone opposes in Iraq. Where was Clinton, and the rest of the West, while Christians were being ethnically cleansed in Syria? Obama has brought things a full circle and what we see now is the Arab Spring in reverse with the CIA’s Islamic terrorists on the retreat. At the same time this has facilitated Obama’s rapprochement with Iran and covered Assad’s victory in Syria and the West’s corresponding humiliation. Where is “Assad must go!” now?


Indian Punchline

13th August, 2014

As I noted in an earlier blog, Tehran’s stance on the political transition in Iraq will be a decisive benchmark for judging the outcome of the shadow play in Baghdad that has been choreographed jointly in London and Washington. 

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