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Dmitri Trenin: Geopolitical analysis

Posted by seumasach on August 4, 2014

New World Order at Stake of US-Russia Geopolitical Competition – Political Analyst


1st August, 2014

The confrontation between Moscow and Washington over the Ukrainian internal strife will doubtlessly shift the global balance of power, believes Dmitri Trenin, a well-known Russian political scientist, author, and the Director of the Carnegie Moscow Center.

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One Response to “Dmitri Trenin: Geopolitical analysis”

  1. alfied said

    excellent article and from that the longer the Ukrainian conflict continues the wider these gaps will appear. Obama, very skilfully, avoided direct military intervention in Syria and the War party will have their work cut out to bounce him into direct confrontation with Russia. The probe into the reasons why flight M17 crashed has the potential to be a fatal blow for the War Party. We’ll see.

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