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Congress gunning for war

Posted by seumasach on August 2, 2014

Cailean Bochanan

2nd August, 2014

Fresh from their unanimous vote supporting Israel’s assault on Gaza, Congress are now gunning for war with Russia. This is the clear sense of resolution S.2277 :

“To prevent further Russian aggression toward Ukraine and other sovereign states in Europe and Eurasia, and for other purposes.”

Particularly ominous is the clause granting special non-NATO ally status to Ukraine, although it’s difficult to keep a straight face while reading it: conditions for bestowal of this status include respect for “the political and legal rights of its citizens, including maintaining the right of its citizens to democratically elect their government.”
Still, we must be clear that this act is not a laughing matter. Congressional members, basically the representatives of the lobbies, the US oligarchy, may be clowns but they deserve to be taken seriously in as far as they are beating the drums for war and more war. According to Paul Craig Roberts this legislation will be passed and I have no reason to doubt his judgement on that.
The methods employed by Israel and the Kiev regime are remarkably similar, being little more than terroristic assaults on defenseless civilians. Congress’ gleeful cheerleading of both campaigns confirms in a timely manner that the same forces are at play in both cases. Whilst Israel’s form on this front is only too familiar, most of us were unfamiliar with the Stepan Bandera’s World War Two terror exploits. which include Babi Yar, and his reincarnation in the midst of contemporary European civilization, such as it is, has been a bit of a surprise. It only goes to show that America’s wars teach us history as well as geography!
The good news is that there is an air of desperation about this particular move stemming from strong indications that all is not well on the Eastern front. Huge losses, mass desertions and now a burgeoning anti-war campaign in the West of Ukraine, as well as imminent bankruptcy, have put the regimes survival at risk. At the same time the propaganda war is a cascading disaster with the State Department continuing its hilarious briefings and, seemingly, counter-briefings from the Pentagon such as when they leaked that Ukraine had used ballistic missiles.
Can Congress, the Military Industrial Complex, the Neo-Cons and the Deep State, in short, the War Party, bounce the Commander-in-chief and the military into one final catastrophic war? Will the European vassals fall into line. The stakes could not be greater. The War Party fears peace. Do we want it enough to take our destiny in our own hands?

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