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Vladimir Putin is a thug and liar, says top British envoy

Posted by seumasach on July 29, 2014

“Dutch and Australian investigators were once again prevented from reaching the site of the Malaysia Airlines crash as fighting continued nearby.” This area is held by the Donbass militia in a defensive posture against a Kiev offensive. If the Kiev government called off the attacks, there would be no fighting there. But simple logic eludes our infantilised press.

At the same time the British government has thrown all prudence to the wind in pursuing its infatuation with the CIAs neo-nazi Bandera brigades. What they intend to gain through these moves remains obscure. Do they really want WW3? Is this Operation Unthinkable II? More likely they are just shooting themselves in the foot. Who will they turn to when the next banking bailout is needed and the Pound collapses on the international markets? Britain’s economic prospects are truly frightening and, with lunatics at the wheel, we will turn an unprecedented crisis into an unprecedented catastrophe.


28th July, 2014

Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, is a “thug” and a “liar”, one of Britain’s most senior ambassadors has said, as the EU prepares to approve tough new sanctions against Moscow.

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