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Heads must roll!

Posted by seumasach on July 26, 2014

Cailean Bochanan

26th July, 2014

Within a week or so, we have seen the resignation of Hague and Yatsianuk as well as strong indications that Merkel will be standing down rather than completing her current term as promised. Is the stress of backing a faltering Nazi “anti-terrorist operation” in Ukraine beginning to tell?

Things do indeed look desperate on the Eastern front in the West’s attempt to rerun WW11 with a different outcome. Last week the Kiev authorities gave the go-ahead for a civilian airliner to fly over a war zone and then immediately “knew” the identity of the culprit after it was shot down. The culprit, of course, was Russia. Am I alone in finding this all rather transparent? Still, let’s not preempt the findings of the inquiry that the Anglo-Americans are going to try and cook. But, if, for the sake of argument, we assume that it was an  false flag, then that would indicate that things on the military front were going very badly indeed. If Kiev’s military really were advancing as portrayed in the media then it would only be a matter of time before Russia was forced into direct intervention and the the neo-cons would have  their pretext for further conflict without the need to resort to murky stratagems. As it happens, there are reports on the ground which reveal catastrophic reverses for the Ukies, as they’re known.

The collapse of the Ukraine project is indeed bad news for its sponsors, but it could be very good news for those who wish to see Europe finally cast off its vassalage to the “United States of America and Britain”. Such a desirable outcome would of course involve changes of personnel: heads would have to roll, heads such as those of Hague and Merkel, but of many others also. Names such as Barroso, Ashton, Rasmussen(already coming to the end of their terms), Hollande, Fabius and Steinmeier come immediately to mind.

The utter, destructive uselessness of the NATO entity is being laid bare for all to see. Its life span has been artificially extended well past senility. How the hell can this monster still be stalking planet earth over twenty years after the end of the cold war? Here the right to die is indeed appropriate although not the right to be forgotten- may their abominable crimes be remembered forever!

The Western media is also on the way out having imploded into an infantilism which cannot correspond to popular opinion, however negative your views on Western citizenry are- we deserve better than this! The collapse of the Kiev regime is the collapse of the West as we know it: the Western unipole is set to be relegated to the status of a pole amongst others in a multipolar world order.

5 Responses to “Heads must roll!”

  1. jon said

    nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I think NATO is needed. Russia would walk over the East and into Europe if there was no NATO. But I think the problem with Ukraine is that Russia thinks it is their own backyard, whilst the USA, EU, CIA, MI6 want to take over the government, successfully, and pressure Russia. Two school bullies fighting over a mars bar. It is not Russia itself that the west fear, but Putin, who is basically a one-trick pony who’s only trick is to play the hardman and not back down. My problem with the EU and US is these stupid sanctions. Why not talk to Putin? Why not offer the separatists autony, if it helps avoid a escalation of this war? And even getting the Royal family to pitch in with comments is strange. What’s going on. i suspect i may have something to do with the military-industrial complex who are preparing to offer NATO and the Eastern European nations billions of dollars of military equipment. This is the biggest lobby in the US and is massive in Europe. And much of these equipment has been tested recently in Israel, Iron Domes and drones and missiles and shells. One of the reasons that the US supplies billions in military aid to Israel is that they test the equipment in a war situation, if you can call bombing civilians in a giant ghetto a war, which obviously it isn’t. The Ukrainian army will be able to test new equipment against that of the Russians, and they will also testing cyperwarfare tactics. Its a giant test lab.

  2. jon said

    Nato is pointless I agree, but Putin is the real dummy. He is losing the proxy war. He is trying to be a clever strategist but the USA could senfd in Mickey Mouse as a diplomat and he would still get trouched. His pretend convoy of trucks is comical. For Russia to effectively rise as a major power it needs to get rid of Putin. Since he has come into power Russian influence has been kicked out of North africa and the middle-east, and in Syria it is barely holding on. The ISIS group has successfilly split Syria and Iraq into segments, and Russia has nowhere to go but backwards. Get rid of Putin and open new dialogue with ukraine.

  3. seumasach said

    I don’t think Western opposition to Putin stems from him being weak- in that case they would support him. He is ready and willing to negotiate over Ukraine and that is what I expect to happen.

  4. seumasach said

    It’s none hell of a mess to get into just to test a few weapons

  5. seumasach said

    Can you clarify whether NATO is “pointless” or “needed”?

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