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Kerry’s ‘Mission Impossible’ in Kabul

Posted by seumasach on July 11, 2014

“To be sure, Iran has taken a transparent and helpful stance. The Obama administration ought to take note that Iran could be its ‘natural ally’ as regards the stabilization of the Afghan situation.”


Indian Punchline

11th July, 2014

To be at two different places at the same time is humanly impossible — even for a US secretary of state. John Kerry took off from Beijing no sooner than the two day US-China Strategic Dialogue got over and arrived in Kabul early Friday morning on a dicey mission to mediate the results of the Afghan runoff, but then, he is badly needed in Vienna in the weekend for a far more crucial diplomatic mission, namely, to explore how to salvage a nuclear deal with Iran amidst speculation that the going’s got tough in the P5+1 and Iran negotiations

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