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Will Sikorski be the next EU foreign policy chief?

Posted by seumasach on June 24, 2014

According to some sources, Sikorski was proactive in the overthrow of Yanukovitch. In any case, as one German source, cited below, put it:

 “The Germans know how much Poland cares about completing the unfinished ‘Colour Revolutions’ in eastern Europe, and somehow they feel uncomfortable about this.”

In this context, the leaking of Sikorski phone call, expressing his sense of betrayal by Obama, is hardly likely to be accidental and we can safely predict that Sikorski will not succeed Ashton, thereby confirming Germany’s rejection of the New Cold War

EU Observer

23rd June, 2014

BRUSSELS – With leaders haggling over EU top jobs this week, Polish FM Radek Sikorski is the most talked-about candidate for the next foreign policy chief.

His reputation just took a blow in a Polish eavesdropping scandal.


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