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Hifter supports role for Egyptian army in Libyan conflict

Posted by seumasach on June 9, 2014

Did you face difficulty in bringing together the Libyan army again? 

 I didn’t experience any difficulty in calling military members. As soon as they heard the call, they went in large numbers to various sites in Libya. It is difficult for the government to do this kind of thing. 

Egypt and Algeria are brotherly states, and cooperation between us and Algeria will be quick and easy.

The reintegration of the Libyan army and the role of Egypt and Algeria are key to re-establishment of Libyan state



June, 2014

In the second part of an interview from within his stronghold at an air force base [in eastern Libya], Khalifa Hifter, the commander of “Operation Dignity,” spoke about the border with Egypt and securing it. Hifter said he agrees with the method chosen by Egypt [to secure the border], even if it reached the point of a military strike within the borders of Egypt’s western neighbor.

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