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Ukraine’s government has lost control of east

Posted by seumasach on May 1, 2014

“As in any fascist coup the army poses a problem: Yanukovitch didn’t deploy them against the Maidan mob fearing, no doubt, a civil war. It doesn’t follow from this that the those now in power in Kiev can safely mobilize them. The army may not be overly impressed by what they have seen so far from those who have presumed to take power, or wish to wait passively while extremist elements try to take control of the army. They may choose instead, at a timely moment, to purge Kiev of extremists and instigate a government of national unity in preparations for eventual elections. By doing so they would be effectively “persuading” the Kiev provisional government to return to the agreement of 21st February and at the same time fulfilling their constitutional obligation to protect the sovereignty and unity of Ukraine a goal shared by the international community including Russia.”

As I pointed out in the immediate aftermath of the 22nd February coup, the reluctance of the military to act on behalf of the illegal government was always likely to be its Achille’s heel. The unity of Ukraine now depends on the removal of the Kiev usurpers or, at least, the disarming of the fascists.

Ukraine’s government has lost control of east, says acting president


30th April, 2014

Ukraine‘s acting president has admitted his government has practically lost control of the east of the country, with his security forces “helpless” to stop a rolling takeover by pro-Russia gunmen.

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