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Svoboda Going Down?

Posted by seumasach on April 5, 2014

“But, it’s not waving, it’s not even the ‘sieg heil‘ beloved of many of their members, all the signs are that Svoboda are drowning.”

Graham Phillips

4th April, 2014

They seemed, at one point back there, the most likely party to benefit from the post-Euromaidan fallout. Charismatic leader Oleg Tyagnibok broke bread with US Senator John McCain in December as their banners hung in Kiev’s occupied City Hall, their flags and activists by far the most visible down on Maidan. Svoboda were central in keynote moments of Euromaidan – the December 8th toppling of Kiev’s Lenin was powered by Svoboda, then with the fall of Yanukovych on February 22nd, the toppling of Lenins all over the country was fuelled by them, with boyish Svoboda senior member, and social media spokesman Oleksandr Aronets having championed the mobilising of Svoboda activists, who went from town to town organising, assisting in the demolitions.

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