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TTIP: You nightmares it… Obamashton is about to do it!

Posted by seumasach on March 27, 2014


There was something unbelievable about Obama’s speech yesterday in response to those of Van Rompuy and Borroso, something of pure theatre you might say. Suddenly a completely bankrupt, de-indistrialised former superpower is conjuring up a series of highly unlikely agreements with all and sundry. Is their special relationship with Asia or is it Europe?- and, by the way whatever happened to the reset with Russia? Wasn’t the real deal yesterday that between Hollande and Xi? Clearly , all is not what it appears to be. The USA has little to offer with regard to trade deals other than GM crops and the fantasy of fracking, neither of which are acceptable to Europe regardless of what Borroso and Co. think.( good to see Obama’s quiet humor as he thanked the latter for their unwavering commitment to the Atlantic partnership- the only thing he said which was true!). What the USA desperately needs is inward investment. However, only the creation of a Eurasian economic space, the greatest vehicle for economic development in human history, will be able to create the capital for such investment. Everything else is just hot air, including, especially, the new cold war rhetoric. Germany has made it quite clear, despite Merkel’s bizarre flirtation with the Maidan men and cold warrior Ice Maiden, Timoshenko, that they will not undermine relations with Russia. It has no intention of de-industrializing itself for the benefit of Anglo-Saxon finance capital. Elder statesman Schroeder and Helmut Schmidt have reinforced the point. All that is required now is the diplomatic resolution of the Ukraine crisis, the outline of which, completely ignored in the media, has already been sketched by Lavrov and Kerry. Obama is running, or running down, a whole series of projects dating from the old, defunct, Full Spectrum Dominance agenda: regime change in Syria, Iran and Venezuela, incorporation of Ukraine into NATO, and now, the old chestnut, conceived before the failed attempt to overthrow the Euro, TTIP. They all going to fail, at which point Obama will do the only thing left to him: embrace multipolarity.


26th March, 2014

Bet he will not leave empty-handed: a promise of TTIP, a joint declaration against Russia and threats/penalties style of a stop in Russian gas supplies, de facto a promise to import oil and U.S. shale gas, allow U.S. companies to exploit our basement (facilitated by the TTIP) , the maintenance of U.S. nuclear weapons on European territory…….

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