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Klaus: Putin’s actions on Crimea “rational”

Posted by seumasach on March 12, 2014

A public statement was made by the former head of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus. He called the actions of Vladimir Putin “rational.” Vaclav Klaus believes that the U.S. and the European Union provoked the current tragic situation in Ukraine. “People in Ukraine do not deserve the games being played with their country. This reminds me of Yugoslavia 20 years ago,” Klaus told reporters in the Czech city of Brno, commenting on the Ukrainian crisis. He said that a tragic bloody conflict was provoked in Yugoslavia from outside. He added that he was afraid that something similar was starting in Ukraine.

Czech Republic’s awkward position over Crimea


12th March, 2014

The longer the European politicians think about the events in Ukraine, the more they begin to support the president of Russia. The Czech president said that the events in Crimea could have been much less dramatic if it had not been for the “Kosovo precedent.” Czech Republic’s ruling party does not approve anti-Russian sentiments in the country and is collecting signatures against the Maidan.

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