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British “anti-fascists” fail to spot fascist coup

Posted by seumasach on February 27, 2014

The Socilaist Worker’s Party which has claimed the vanguard role in the fight against fascism since the 1970s has failed to spot the fascist coup d’etat in Ukraine limiting itself to the casual observation that “some of the fascist street fighters have been offered jobs alongside the police”.

In fact , the riot police have been disbanded and according to EuroActiv “Andriy Paruby, head of the “self-defence” force protecting the Kyiv protest zone from police action during the three months of conflict, was named secretary of the powerful National Security and Defence Council”.

The “fascist street fighters” are being integrated into the regime. That sounds like a fascist regime to me.

“As fighting intensified the reliance on far right militias grew. But so did the depth of opposition to the president.” Oh well, in that case… I mean, if the it’s about breaking “Ukraine’s Stalinist ruling class”!

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