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Careful what you wish for in Ukraine

Posted by seumasach on February 24, 2014

“Russia most likely will adopt the same stance towards pro-European Union politicians that the Egyptian military and its Saudi backers took toward Egypt’s the Muslim Brotherhood: let the opposition take the blame for economic and social chaos, and then move in when the country is on its knees.”

It will now become obvious that all the stuff about Ukraine joining EU was nothing but a rouse. It succeeded in drawing protesters onto streets with EU flags but even if they can sideline the militants and restore some kind of order they will not be able to bail out Ukraine given they can barely bailout Greece, Spain etc. Any stable government in Ukraine will turn to Russia for aid by default. I believe this intervention aimed at a civil war as the Western media never ceased to suggest. Yanukovitch’s ceding of power could then have been the masterstroke. The hapless Ashton now heads to Ukraine in a state of blind panic.


Asia Times

24th February, 2014

Western governments are jubilant over the fall of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich, a Russian ally. They may be underestimating Vladimir Putin: Russia has the option to hasten Ukraine’s slide into chaos and wait until the hapless European Union acquiesces to – if not begs for – Russian intervention.

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